Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Mathematician's Trick to Help You Win the Lottery

In 2005, the speculation that you can predict the lottery rose to popularity. After a Brazilian mathematician named Renato Gianella published his study – the Geometry of Chance – the idea that mathematics can help you improve your odds of winning inched closer to becoming a reality.

A few years before Gianella's "strategy" became publicized by the Daily Mail, there were news of a group of MIT students monopolizing a lottery for $8M.

Part of the MIT story included the students filling out the tickets by hand, which raised questions as to why anyone would bother wasting their time and effort filling out $600,000 worth of lottery tickets.

The technique was that there are lottery combinations that are more likely to appear in a draw.

Mathematics & the Lottery

The lottery has existed for centuries. For the most of these centuries, people have been trying to find a foolproof way to seal the deal and win it big. People who don't understand the hand that math has against the lottery thinks they've been stuck with the same few "strategies" – avoiding low numbers, pretty ticket patterns, and consecutive combinations – for years.

In reality, mathematics has been cracking the lottery for quite some time.

Except this time around, someone has finally polished, expanded, and bettered the technique Gianella and the MIT students used.

If you register at Lottometrix, you will finally play the lottery with greater chance of winning.

The Worst, The Bad & The Best

Computing for the probabilities and validating them by gathering results from a decade or more ago can be daunting, especially if you're planning on playing with bigger lottery game matrices.

Lottometrix will do the heavy lifting for you – or in this case, the heavy calculations.

Did you know that in the EuroMillions, out of 196 patterns, there are 191 patterns to avoid and only 5 are best to play with?

In the Powerball, out of the 462 patterns there are 456 patterns that you are wasting money on, and you have probably been putting money on those numbers your whole life.

Play the lottery with the right strategy.  Avoid bad combinations and play with the best patterns.


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