Sunday, January 17, 2016

One Of Three $1.5B Powerball Winners Comes Forward

A Tennessee family came forward on January 16 to publicize their winning share of the $1.5B Powerball jackpot. The two other winning ticket holders have chosen to stay in anonymity. Experts are baffled by the family’s behavior, as publicizing their win could endanger the family’s well-being.

After the Saturday draw, the family headed for New York City, where they voluntarily told the Today Show about their big win. They appeared on the show before cashing out the winning ticket.

A Michigan estate planning attorney, Danielle Mayoras was shocked, “Putting it out there on the ‘Today’ show before you even make the claim, before you even get everything in order, was extremely surprising. It really put the lottery ticket as well as the family at risk.”

If you missed the Saturday draw, the winning numbers were 04 08 19 27 34 with a Powerball of 10.

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