Sunday, October 25, 2015

Powerball Jackpot Grows To $110M

No players matched all six numbers for the Powerball drawing on Saturday, October 24, giving rise to the next jackpot of $110 million.

Last Saturday’s winning numbers were 20 31 56 60 64 for the white Powerball numbers. The Powerball Power number (red) was 2 and the Power Play number was 3.

The combination must’ve been hard to conjure for this draw, as no players matched even at least 5 of the winning numbers – which would have paid $1 million each.

The next draw will be on October 28, 2015, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the next Mega Millions draw will be on Tuesday, October 27. The jackpot will be at an estimated $105 million.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Powerball Changes Receives Mixed Reactions

Powerball has inflicted changes to increase prize amounts and give players better odds of winning. While it will still cost $2 to play, prizes have been revamped to bigger jackpots.

The first drawing featuring the new changes took place on Wednesday, in which players got to choose their first five numbers from a pool of 69 balls instead of 59 and the Powerball numbers have been chosen from a pool of 26 balls instead of 35. 

The whole reason for the changes has been made to increase the jackpot amounts, but players are giving out mixed reactions.

What are your thoughts on the changes Powerball has made?

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Michigan Woman Quits Job After Winning $310.5 Million Powerball Jackpot

Julie Leach, 50, immediately quit her job as an employee at Aquatic Co. upon finding that she was the sole winner of last week’s $310.5 million jackpot.
She matched all five numbers – 21 39 40 55 59 – and the Powerball 17.

Leach opted for the lump sum payout of $197.4 million, which will amount to $140 million after taxes.

Another player from North Platte, Randy Houpt, won $1 million playing Nebraska Powerball from the September 30 drawing, matching five of the numbers.

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