Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Luckiest Woman in the World Has Won FOUR MultiMillion-Dollar Lottery Prizes

Winning a multimillion-dollar lottery prize ONCE is all most of us can dream of. Winning FOUR times is almost beyond belief... but it has happened.

Photo credit: http://www.philly.com

For years, people who dream of beating the lottery have puzzled over the amazing case of Joan Ginther, who made headlines around the world by scratching off “10MILL” on a $50 instant ticket in June 2010 to win her fourth multimillion-dollar prize.

A series of discoveries based on painstaking analysis by Philly.com of newly obtained Texas Lottery records, with the help of experts, has led to a surprising conclusion: Basic gambling principles -- like card counting in blackjack, money management in poker, and timing in progressive slots -- may have inspired Joan Ginther to buy a flabbergasting number of $20 to $50 tickets, perhaps 80,000 worth $2.5 million or more.

The numbers go up even higher -- up to $3.3 million -- with the discovery that she may have been working with a friend.  Full story
Four people who won two or more lotteries (clockwise from top left): Steven Ontell (right) of New Jersey; Melvyn Wilson, a four-time winner in Virginia; Connie Cottingham, who won twice in Indiana; and Delma Kinney, who won $1 million twice in Georgia. None of them won nearly as much as Joan Ginther, who won $5.4 million, $2 million, $3 million and $10 million in Texas. Read more


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