Monday, May 12, 2014

Tom Crist - A Different Breed of Lottery Winner

Most people claim that they will be giving to charity if they win the lottery. Most often, those who did win really give, but only a pittance. Many winners got blinded by the glitter of gold and they could not see anymore the need to give back to their community.

But not the Canadian lottery winner Tom Crist who stated early on that he will donate every cent of his winnings to charitable causes. All $40 million of it.

In a league of his own

Tom Crist is a retired CEO of EECOL Electric. At the time of his retirement, he was financially stable that he could provide for the needs of his family even without the lottery winnings. Tom is also a widower, having lost his wife to cancer in February 2012.

Because life had been good to him, Tom is known to always give back to the community. His son Dallas described Tom as a very generous person, someone who would "give away the shirt off his back" just to help people in need.

Tom Crist was having lunch between rounds of gold when he learned that he won $40 million in the lottery. He finished his lunch and resumed playing, without telling anybody about his stroke of luck.

Tom wanted to donate the whole amount of charity but he acceded to the request of the Western Canada Lottery Corp. for a press release and photo. After receiving the prize money, Tom started donating money to charitable causes including the Tom Baker Cancer Centre through the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The cancer center treated his wife before she passed on.

Tom Crist is now busy distributing his good fortune to the less fortunate and good causes.


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