Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Best Place to Play the Lottery in California

We're pretty sure it really doesn't matter WHERE you buy your ticket -- the odds of winning will be the same. But hey... if you're ever in Santa Clara County, it might be worth a shot.

Three years of California State Lottery data show Santa Clara County has more winners per ticket sold of the popular Mega Millions, Powerball, Super Lotto Plus and Fantasy Five games than any other county in the state.  Source

Not traveling to California anytime soon? No problem. Play America's biggest lotteries from anywhere through OSA! The next USA Powerball Jackpot is an enormous $173 Million on Saturday, May 31st. Give it a shot. Play now!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anonymous Philanthropist @HiddenCash Leaves $100 Gifts in the Best Scavenger Hunt Ever

What a great way to pay good fortune forward! An anonymous California man (a lottery winner, perhaps?) is hiding up to $100 or so in public places in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and soon, in Los Angeles -- then posting clues to the money's whereabouts through his Twitter account @HiddenCash.

The $100 bills or envelopes containing several $20 bills are amounting to $1,000-a-day philanthropy in what the Twitter account calls "an anonymous social experiment for good." Read more

Would you share your lottery winnings? How? Let us know in the comments!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Liquid Luxury: The Ultimate Drink Connoisseur's Holiday

Armand de Brignac 'Dynastie'  (world's most expensive champagne collection ) - £330,000
With the Euro Millions jackpot currently at €78 Million - and another €100 Million Superdraw coming up next week - it's only natural to start dreaming big.

For people who'd like to extend their congratulatory toasts way beyond their usual comfort zones, there's a new luxury holiday that will definitely do the trick.

The world’s most expensive drinking holiday will set you back by a cool £750,000 (around US$1.27 million!) but to the dedicated drink connoisseur, it's undoubtedly the experience of a lifetime.

Dubbed the Ultimate Drink Connoisseurs’ Holiday, the tour takes guests on a 10-location trip around the world, centered on some of the rarest beers, spirits, cocktails and wines in existence.

Salvatore 'Legacy' Cocktail (includes 1788 Clos de Griffier Vieux Cognac) - £12,400

Legacy by Angostura (world's most expensive rum)  -  £8,000

Dalmore Trinitas (world's most expensive whiskey, aged 64 years, only 3 ever made) -  £100,000

Penfolds Ampoule (world's most expensive wine, only 12 ever made)  -  £110,000
View the complete list here

Naturally, it also includes business class flights and luxury hotel stays, as well as tours of the Dalmore distillery, the Grey Goose factory in Cognac, and elite establishments like Salvatores, The Billionaires Club and the Crown Club Casino in Melbourne. 

Would you go for it, if you could? Or would you prefer to splurge on something else? Let us know in the comments!

Monday, May 26, 2014

How to Win the Lottery (Happily)

We all want to win the lottery, but it does come with some drawbacks.

“The problem with a big lottery win,” says Dr. Michael I. Norton, a social psychologist at Harvard Business School, “is that it adds a group of people to your life that you don’t want to be in contact with, and it disrupts the relationships with the people you do want to be in contact with.”

That does sound like a curse, but Dr. Norton hypothesizes that there’s an antidote.

Read more

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The New Billionaire Capital of the World

Who knew?  In 2014, the city with the highest number of billionaires in residence is LONDON. The British capital has become such a hub for the super-rich that it now accounts for 72 billionaires – almost 10 per cent of all the billionaires in the world. Read more

Moscow has the second highest billionaire population with 48, followed by New York with 43, followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Where would you live if you could afford to live anywhere in the world? Let us know in the comments! And if  you'd like a shot at becoming a billionaire yourself (or a millionaire at the very least) try your luck with OSA's Billionaire Series today!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Go All-In & Play for Over $500 Million in Lottery Prizes this June!

June is looking to be an extra-exciting month for Lottery players, as three ENORMOUS draws are coming up within just the first two weeks.

Euro Millions Superdraw

Europe's most popular lottery - Euro Millions - will be holding a Superdraw on Friday, June 6, 2014. The jackpot is a guaranteed 100 Million (US$ 139 Million). Euro Millions jackpots worth over 100 million don't come along very often. And when the top prize is this high, all the lower division prizes are larger than usual as well!

El Gordo June Draw

El Gordo, which means "the Fat One ," is the name given to Spain's richest National Lottery.  El Gordo holds monthly draws with a total cash payout of over €5 Billion. On Saturday, June 7th, the prize pool will be 84 Million (US$ 116 Million) -- to be paid out to over 37,000 winners.

Japan Dream Jumbo Draw

Asia's biggest draw - the Japan Jumbo Draw - will be paying out a massive 34 BILLION Yen (US$ 334 Million) on June 13th. As always it will be a huge event, with over 25,000,000 cash prizes to be paid out in a single night, including
  • 23 First Prize Payouts Totaling ¥8 Billion (Over Y347M each)
  • 69 Second Prizes Worth Over ¥690 Million(Over Y10M each)
  • PLUS: At least ¥25 Billion in cash payouts for 3rd, 4th, 5th and other subsidiary Prizes!

Go ALL-IN this June and play in all 3 draws!

Enter ALL 3 of these enormous June draws in one blow for just $100 and save $20 on entry costs! Here’s what you get when you take the ALL-IN June bundle today:

• One Individual entry in the Euro Millions Superdraw on June 6
• One Share in a EuroMillions Group sharing 288 number sets in the Superdraw on June 6.
• One ticket in the El Gordo Draw on June 7
• One ticket in the Japan Dream Jumbo Draw on June 13

Approximate retail value for all of these entries combined is $120, but you can have them all for just $100 if you bundle up. GO ALL IN NOW!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The World's Most Expensive Rolex

 If you won the lottery, how much would YOU spend on the watch of your dreams?

This rare 1949 Oyster Perpetual model with a cloisonné enamel dial was sold for $1.2 million at Christie’s auction house in Geneva making it the most expensive Rolex watch ever to be sold. Designed by artist Marguerite Koch, the 18-karat gold automatic watch with sweep center seconds depicts a whale and a ship sailing on rough seas. It was expected to sell between $570,000 and $1.13 million. However, an anonymous bidder pushed the final price to $1,220,632.  Source

All we can say is WOW.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

UK Lottery to name National Treasures

A campaign to identify the UK's favourite celebrities and National Lottery-funded projects of the last 20 years is being launched.

The 'What's Your National Treasure' initiative asks people to choose from a range of well known and loved venues, landmarks and facilities in the UK as well as name their top star from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A shortlist of 20 famous faces have been chosen due to their achievements as recipients of National Lottery funding or for their support of projects that have received funding. They include Colin Firth, Jessica Ennis and Stephen Fry, among others.


What's YOUR National Treasure?  Share in the comments!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hospital orderly from Long Island wins $20 million lottery jackpot

Married Southampton father Cameron Finney’s life was forever changed after he ate a chicken dinner with his wife at Popeye’s on March 25. On their way home, Finney bought $4 worth of quick pick tickets at a Gascon gas station in Coram. The next morning he discovered his big win — but spouse Donna wouldn’t believe him.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chicago Man Credits Mom with $2.5 M Lottery Win

A son’s dream to give his mom a very special Mother’s day gift became a reality after he won in the lottery which amounts to $2.5 Million. Daniel Stojak asks his mom Shirley to buy lottery tickets from him from time to time at the Jewel-Osco where his mom is a cashier for 15 years.

It was a great luck when his mom scratched off his ticket and saw that he won big time. For Mother’s day, he will treat his mom to riverboat to gamble, and then have dinner and buy a diamond tennis bracelet and maybe a ring.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NY Insomniac Wins $7.5 M Lottery Prize

A $7.5 Million lottery winner comes from Staten Island, New York. He is Salvatore Gandolfo, a retiree. Since he could not sleep, he woke up in the wee hours of April 1, and set off to Richmond Deli and Grocery to buy a Silver Spectacular ticket. Soon after checking his ticket, he realized that he won big.

Among his plan for the money is to help his family financially, and other plans include travel and a new car.

Other winners for the day were Michael Palmer who won $1 Million, and 36 colleagues from Bloomberg who also got $1 Million.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Phoenix Couple Claims $3.5 M Lottery Prize

The recent winners of the Arizona Lottery were Robert and Anna Brito who comes from Phoenix. The couple won $3.3 Million in “The Prick” and remained silent for about two weeks before coming forward to get their winning prize.

The money will be invested and placed on a trust fund for the whole family. A simple guy, Robert expressed that he will keep his job as a public servant and simply thanked God for all the great blessings.

The couple shared that they will not spend the money right away and instead will stick to their original plans and schedule.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tom Crist - A Different Breed of Lottery Winner

Most people claim that they will be giving to charity if they win the lottery. Most often, those who did win really give, but only a pittance. Many winners got blinded by the glitter of gold and they could not see anymore the need to give back to their community.

But not the Canadian lottery winner Tom Crist who stated early on that he will donate every cent of his winnings to charitable causes. All $40 million of it.

In a league of his own

Tom Crist is a retired CEO of EECOL Electric. At the time of his retirement, he was financially stable that he could provide for the needs of his family even without the lottery winnings. Tom is also a widower, having lost his wife to cancer in February 2012.

Because life had been good to him, Tom is known to always give back to the community. His son Dallas described Tom as a very generous person, someone who would "give away the shirt off his back" just to help people in need.

Tom Crist was having lunch between rounds of gold when he learned that he won $40 million in the lottery. He finished his lunch and resumed playing, without telling anybody about his stroke of luck.

Tom wanted to donate the whole amount of charity but he acceded to the request of the Western Canada Lottery Corp. for a press release and photo. After receiving the prize money, Tom started donating money to charitable causes including the Tom Baker Cancer Centre through the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The cancer center treated his wife before she passed on.

Tom Crist is now busy distributing his good fortune to the less fortunate and good causes.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Next EuroMillions Superdraw Set for June 6, 2014

People are obviously excited and simply looking forward to the upcoming Euro Millions Superdraw that will be held on Friday, June 6. The European jackpot that is awaiting its most fortunate winner is a whopping amount of €100,000,000!

How to Play EuroMillions Superdraw

Tickets for the Superdraw should be purchased in advance because for sure, there will be so many players who want to be part of the grand jackpot. Ordering your entries for for the Euro Millions Superdraw can also be done online via Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) as you do your regular Euro Millions entries. Winning the jackpot though is definitely not easy because you will have to match all the 5 numbers and also the two Lucky Stars numbers. The most recent Superdraw was drawn in Paris and a ticket holder from the UK named Neil Trotter emerged as the winner.

What is the EuroMillions Superdraw Record

The largest jackpot ever won in the EuroMillions Superdraw was €188 on June 2013. This prize was almost close to the Superdraw’s cap of €190 Million. On August 2012 though, the sole EuroMillion jackpot to surpass the cap was divided between two ticket holders. The EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot automatically rolls over up to €190M until there is a winner to emerge.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lottery’s Newest Winners Collect $11.5 M in Prize Money

About 40 winners win in the latest lottery amounting to $11.5 Million.  These people come from different backgrounds and wins different amounts.  Salvatore Gandolfo was able to win $7.5 Million and will replace his 2005 Honda Accord, while Susanne Miller, a cook and private caterer got $1 Million.  Another winner John Laden who won $536,058 and Michael Palmer got $623,040.  The remaining $1 Million was won by 36 co workers from Bloomberg LP who calls themselves Tech Ops 36.  Their prize will be equally divided among them and some will use the money to buy a new car or travel.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Florida Couple Nearly Penniless Claim Half of $414M Lottery Jackpot

Robyn Ann Collier only had about $5 when she filed for bankruptcy two years past so winning more than $200 Million comes as a big surprise and a total relief. Collier is from Merritt Island, Florida and purchased the winning Mega Millions Lottery Ticket in March at a gasoline station on South Courtenay Parkway in Merritt, Island.

The total amount of winnings was $414 Million was shared with another winner who comes from Maryland. Collier expressed that she might still keep on working while her boyfriend Raymond Moyer plans to make some investments and will travel with Collier to Ireland.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

$414 Million Mega Jackpot Mega Winner Claims Prize

Two winners split the $414 Million from the Mega Million Jackpot.  One winner who comes from Florida has gotten her share early on, while the other winner who is from Maryland only came forward recently to claim the prize.

The state of Maryland is in for a treat as it will also be awarded tax revenue of $10.1 Million.  Past winners from Maryland won $189 Million in October 2013 and another one won $218.6 Million in March 2012.  

The newest prize standing for the Mega Millions Jackpot is set at $105 Million, and for sure, everyone is waiting with excitement.

Monday, May 5, 2014

National Lottery Introduces “The Guru” in 1st Advertisement for Online Play

The first ever huge marketing scheme of the National Lottery will be aired for 60 seconds this coming week and will have additional 5 ads on the television as well as a digital version.

The campaign was created to market National Lottery’s play online channel  whose target market are those people who does not make an effort to go out and play.  The ad has included some humor to be more attractive to more people and will feature “the guru” who has the ability to predict while on mediation at Mac gillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range.

This is one exciting strategy.

UK Ticket Holder Wins £73M Euro Millions Lottery Jackpot

A Euro Millions lottery ticket holder who comes from the UK has won £73 Million making him the 8th largest winner in the entire history of National Lottery so far. The draw was made last Friday and the winning numbers were 30, 42, 04, 31 and 38. While the Lucky Star numbers that were drawn were 11 and 02.

On July 2011, Colin and Christine Weir of Largs, Scotland won £161 Million, and on August 2012, Adrian and Gillian Bayford from Haverhill in Suffolk got £148. The third highest win was won on October 2010 which amounted to £113 Million.