Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bay Area Taxi Driver Wins $1.9 Mega Millions

A Nepalese immigrant who makes a living driving a taxi cab in the Bay Area realized his American Dream after more than 10 years of buying lottery tickets. His perseverance and doggedness to pursue that dream resulted in the $1.9 million Mega Millions prize on March 18, 2014.

Mahendra bought a $1 quick pick Mega Millions ticket from the Huntington Liquor Store in San Bruno, California. And true to the concept of the American Dream, his one dollar investment netted him a huge return in the form of $1.9 million prize money. Mahendra's ticket matched the numbers in the draw, except for the Mega Ball. He got the five numbers out of the six winning numbers.

Had he matched the sixth number, that would entitle him to the $414 million jackpot. But Mahendra is very happy with what he won. He plans to use the money for medical treatments and paying off his children's student loans.


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