Monday, March 17, 2014

Sticking to One's Lucky Number

People believe that a particular number is their lucky number. And they stick to that lucky number throughout their lives. One such person is Monique Abbate who is a school administrator in the western suburbs of Chicago. She considers the number 10 as her lucky number and she had that number since the years she played basketball and softball. The number 10 adorned her uniforms in those sports.

When Abbate went to the Convenience Food and Liquor to buy an instant ticket, she picked her ticket from a bin marked "10". She had the feeling that her lucky number will give her more luck. And she was not wrong. When she scratched her "$2,000,000 Extravaganza" ticket, she found out that she won the top prize.

Abbate planned to use her $2M prize money to pay off her student loan and take the family and friends to a gambling vacation to Las Vegas.


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