Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Not All About Money

People are temporarily blinded by a huge windfall of money to the point that lovers break-up as they fight over their share. But at the end, love prevails and money take a back seat in favor of a harmonious family relationship.

This was the story of Pedro Quezada, a 46 year old immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He owned and operated a small grocery warehouse in Passaic, New Jersey which he ran with his live-in partner Inez Sanchez with whom he has a daughter. In March 2013, Quezada won what was then the fourth largest jackpot in U.S. lottery. Quezada opted for the lump sum payment of $211 million and pocketed $152 million after taxes.

Quezada moved to a newly purchased house in Clifton, New Jersey months after winning the jackpot but without Sanchez because the couple had broken up. Things turned ugly soon after. Sanchez sued Quezada for her share of the winning money based on their "joint venture" relationship which included owning and running the Passaic grocery and purchasing lottery tickets.

Legal wrangling between the parties occurred as they argued in court their sides of the case. But it seems love and sanity took over because of Valentine's Day, the couple announced their reconciliation and their decision to move in together and live again as a couple.


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