Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Reluctant Lottery Player Wins a Million

Sometimes, it pays to listen to one's girlfriend, Woodrow Green of Chesterfield, Virginia learned. His girlfriend of thirty years kept on asking him to play the lottery but he just ignored him. As he continued to pester him about buying a lottery ticket, Green obliged buying a Mega Millions ticket. Again, to the prodding of his girlfriend, he watched the draw on TV and saw that he did not get the jackpot. He simply put aside the non-winning ticket.

But Green's girlfriend did not give up easily. She asked Green to check his ticket for he might won one of the minor prizes. Again, Green obliged and went to the Kroger store where he bought his ticket. The store clerk checked and said that he won. Thinking that he won a thousand dollars, Green asked the clerk to cash his ticket. The store clerk told him to go to the lottery office because Kroger could not cash his ticket.

At the lottery office, Green found out that he won the second prize of $1 million. He thought of paying of his house and going on vacation. Of course, he wants his girlfriend to choose where they will be going. He knew that she knows better.


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