Monday, March 31, 2014

Two Winners Split $400M Mega Millions Jackpot

The March 18, 2014 Mega Millions Draw produced two new millionaires. The Tuesday draw with a jackpot prize of $400 millions has the following winning numbers: 11, 19, 24, 33, and 51. The Mega Ball is 7.

The first winning ticket was sold at a Sunoco convenience store in Florida. The other winning ticket was purchased hundreds of miles away in Charles County, Maryland.

The $400 million jackpot will be worth $224 million when taken as a lump sum, giving each winner $112 million. After taxes, each winner can take home approximately $74 million.

Friday, March 28, 2014

San Francisco Cab Driver Claims $1.9M Mega Millions Lottery Prize

California employs the pari-mutuel system wherein the amount of prize is dictated by the total number of tickets sold, along with the total number of winners per category. Since Mahendra KC was the sole winner of the 5 number category, he was able to take all what is in the prize pool which totals to $1.9 Million.

Mahendra KC is a humble cab driver before he won the lottery and is an immigrant from Nepal. The 50 year old winner will use his prize money to treat his chronic heart problems and also to get organ transplants for his parents.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

$96.5 Million Powerball Lottery Ticket Sold in Missouri

The 6th highest lottery jackpot prize that was won in Missouri was $96.5 Million and the lucky winner of this cash prize was advised to have his signature at the back of the ticket and keep it safe before he comes to Jefferson City in the Lottery’s headquarters.

Lottery winners in Missouri are given 180 days to come forward and get their cash prize.

5 Powerball tickets having the same 5 numbers were also sold in other states like Maryland, Kansas, Missouri, Texas and Massachusetts. The next jackpot prize that is waiting to be won is set to $40 Million.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NC Woman Scratches Off $1M Winner on First Lottery Ticket

One woman who has never purchased a lottery ticket before wins $1 Million. Her name is Cindy Reeves and she comes from Wilmington, North Carolina.

Cindy works as a stockroom clerk and is a hardworking person. She expressed that her prize money that amounts to $415,206 after taxes will be used to pay off her loans and will also take a trip to the Disney World, as well as to the North Carolina Mountains. She will be taking her sister to the North Carolina Mountains.

This very latest scratch off lottery winner decided to get the money in lump sum.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Lottery Winners Share Their Good Fortune

A woman from Iowa named Mary Lohse wins $202 Million in the Powerball Jackpot a couple of months back. Her prize money was shared to many causes therefore making a lot of people happy.

She was able to pay off the mortgage of the Bondurant Federal Church, donated a large amount to improve their city park and also gave contribution to a cancer fundraising event. On top of this, she was able to build a grocery store which her area does not have. This gives great convenience to their area and at the same time provides employment to the locals.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fortune Cookie Millions

Many people take for granted those fortune cookies that are given out by Chinese restaurants at the end of a meal. The crispy and sweet cookie contains a 'fortune' which is a piece of paper with prophetic or good luck phrases. The 'fortune' also contains a set of lucky numbers which people may use when playing their favorite lottery. Most of the time, restaurant patrons just leave their fortune cookies behind.

But not Emma Duvoll of New York. After eating in a Chinese restaurant, she carefully cracked opened her fortune cookie and read her fortune. She went a step further. She played the Powerball using the lucky numbers from her fortune cookie.

Emma Duvoll won a $2 million prize in the Powerball draw. Don't just toss those fortune cookies as you might be tossing away a fortune.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Making Millions While Stuck in Traffic

We lost a lot - time, money, business opportunities, and more - while stuck in the gridlock. People had learned to make the most while waiting out for traffic to ease out. Some stop for a cold drink at a bar or a hot java in a coffee shop. Thomas Mainella stopped for something else. He bought six instant lottery tickets.

He scratched four tickets and thought that he lost again his dream of telling his girlfriend that he won the lottery. As he started scratching the fifth of the six tickets, the word "life" showed in the scratched area and right away, he knew that something big was forthcoming. As he continued scratching the ticket, he learned that he won a $5 million jackpot.

Mainella knew he could not tell his girlfriend the magic words. He chose the 20 year installment of $172,000. He also decided to marry his girlfriend and retire comfortably.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Reluctant Lottery Player Wins a Million

Sometimes, it pays to listen to one's girlfriend, Woodrow Green of Chesterfield, Virginia learned. His girlfriend of thirty years kept on asking him to play the lottery but he just ignored him. As he continued to pester him about buying a lottery ticket, Green obliged buying a Mega Millions ticket. Again, to the prodding of his girlfriend, he watched the draw on TV and saw that he did not get the jackpot. He simply put aside the non-winning ticket.

But Green's girlfriend did not give up easily. She asked Green to check his ticket for he might won one of the minor prizes. Again, Green obliged and went to the Kroger store where he bought his ticket. The store clerk checked and said that he won. Thinking that he won a thousand dollars, Green asked the clerk to cash his ticket. The store clerk told him to go to the lottery office because Kroger could not cash his ticket.

At the lottery office, Green found out that he won the second prize of $1 million. He thought of paying of his house and going on vacation. Of course, he wants his girlfriend to choose where they will be going. He knew that she knows better.

Car Mechanic from Britain Wins Euromillions £108m Jackpot!

A 41-year-old cam mechanic and hot rod racer from Couldson, South London after he scooped the massive Euro Millions Superdraw Jackpot on the March 14th draw.

Neil Trotter had won a total of £107.9 million, and he says that he knew he would win all along.

"I've always thought I'd win big and I'd had a good feeling all week," said Neil, but of course, nobody believed him.

When his fearless forecast finally came true, his partner Nicky and his father thought he had gone insane.

Source: Huffington Post

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sticking to One's Lucky Number

People believe that a particular number is their lucky number. And they stick to that lucky number throughout their lives. One such person is Monique Abbate who is a school administrator in the western suburbs of Chicago. She considers the number 10 as her lucky number and she had that number since the years she played basketball and softball. The number 10 adorned her uniforms in those sports.

When Abbate went to the Convenience Food and Liquor to buy an instant ticket, she picked her ticket from a bin marked "10". She had the feeling that her lucky number will give her more luck. And she was not wrong. When she scratched her "$2,000,000 Extravaganza" ticket, she found out that she won the top prize.

Abbate planned to use her $2M prize money to pay off her student loan and take the family and friends to a gambling vacation to Las Vegas.

Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Not All About Money

People are temporarily blinded by a huge windfall of money to the point that lovers break-up as they fight over their share. But at the end, love prevails and money take a back seat in favor of a harmonious family relationship.

This was the story of Pedro Quezada, a 46 year old immigrant from the Dominican Republic. He owned and operated a small grocery warehouse in Passaic, New Jersey which he ran with his live-in partner Inez Sanchez with whom he has a daughter. In March 2013, Quezada won what was then the fourth largest jackpot in U.S. lottery. Quezada opted for the lump sum payment of $211 million and pocketed $152 million after taxes.

Quezada moved to a newly purchased house in Clifton, New Jersey months after winning the jackpot but without Sanchez because the couple had broken up. Things turned ugly soon after. Sanchez sued Quezada for her share of the winning money based on their "joint venture" relationship which included owning and running the Passaic grocery and purchasing lottery tickets.

Legal wrangling between the parties occurred as they argued in court their sides of the case. But it seems love and sanity took over because of Valentine's Day, the couple announced their reconciliation and their decision to move in together and live again as a couple.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Man Goes Back for Rejected Ticket, Wins $10M

Jerry Kajfas wins $10 Million through a $20 Win for Life Spectacular Ticket that he almost rejected at the Depew One Stop where always buys cigars and lottery tickets.

He had 7 small wins that day which encouraged him to get the $20 ticket that he returned, and gave him a big win. It was fortunate that he went back to get that ticket.

Kafjas will get 86% of the prize and will give each of his two kids 7% share. He will receive $300,000 annually for 19 years, an amount that he and his wife can comfortably retire on.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

NC Woman Gets Birthday Lottery Gift

Who would ever expect that you can win $200,000 on your birthday? This just happened to a woman from North Carolina when she got this winning prize while playing lottery on her birthday.

She was so excited and happy about winning but said that it might not happen again to her, and so this woman from North Carolina decided that it was the last lottery ticket that she will ever buy.

Perhaps she would like to keep the happy memory with regards to playing the lottery, and surely she must have been grateful for this gift because it came unexpectedly.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Safety Trainer Wins $1,000 a Week for Life

Shamus Harmon is a 34 year old safety trainer who bought a $2 Win for Life ticket at Fred Meyer, Market Street, Nebraska and gets a handsome win of $1,000 a week for life cash prize.

Shamus Harmon intends to go back to Australia for vacation, as well as to pay off his home mortgage in the span of 5 years.

With this amount of money that he will get for life, Harmon can already retire but according to him, he would not.

He celebrated his win by treating himself to dinner at a restaurant also in the same area.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ten City Workers Share a Million Dollar Win

Penthouse 10, a group of Bethlehem city park workers who work on the top floor of the lottery office chip in money to buy ticket when the jackpot prize is high wins $1 Million in the Powerball Lottery.

Each member of the group gets $75,000 and will use the money for different purposes. One member is fortunate to get his share of the prize as he needs money to pay for medical bills because of a bad accident that he encountered recently. Others will use the money to go on a vacation, while others will use it for their homes.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lottery Winner Caught Speeding to Lottery HQ

Scott Lowe bought his lottery ticket on Columbia Road in Hanover without expecting to win, so when he won $50,000, he got so excited that he went to the Lottery Headquarters right away to claim his prize.

His over excitement made him drive his car so fast that it caught the attention of a police officer. He explained why he was in such a rush, and was only given a verbal warning for over speeding.

Lottery’s Executive Director certified Scott Lowe’s win and said that he was so fortunate that day for winning the lottery and for escaping an offense.