Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Woman and Son Claim Tennessee’s 1st Mega Millions Jackpot Win

A belief that one day she too can win the lottery is what led Bettina Still of Tennessee to win the Tennessee’s Mega Millions Jackpot. 69 year old Bettina Still is the first winner of the Tennessee Mega Millions Jackpot. She was able to win $61 million and said that she will share half of the winnings to her son named Jonathan who has also been playing lottery with her for many years now.

Bettina is a retired worker who never gave up trying by constantly playing the lottery. She even told her friends that you cannot win if you do not play and so she did for many years. Bettina chose to get the lump sum, a decision that took her awhile to make so she decided to seek for a financial adviser’s opinion./br>

Because of her win, Tennessee Lottery’s President is confident that Still will increase their sales. /br>


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