Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Man’s Ex Wife Wins Lottery and Makes Him A Millionaire

A milkman for 30 years, John Hay is fortunate to have been shared some of his ex-wife’s winning making him a millionaire. John is eyeing to retire but was surprised to know that his retirement will be coming soon as his ex-wife Doreen Hay won the £7.5M lottery.

Aside from John, Doreen also gives part of her winnings to a local hospice and other notable causes such as the Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Help for Heroes, Save the Children and the Water Aid. Her 3 grandchildren of course also benefits from her winnings making her total give away amounting to £1.5M.

Two Scots Fail to Collect £1M Lottery Tickets

An 11pm deadline was set for the winners of the £1M cash prize to claim their prize, but unfortunately no one came and so the cash with all its interest were given to the UK National Lottery Good Causes to fund the benefit projects that are supported by the National Lottery in the entire UK.

Due to the non appearance of the two winners of the Euro Millions Millionaire, the National Lottery spokesperson encouraged all lottery players to constantly check their tickets so that prizes will not go unclaimed. The total amount raised by the lottery players is now £131B.

$25k Ga. Lottery Ticket Disputed, Money Could Go to Child Support

Two winners have surfaced and both want to claim the $25k lottery cash prize of the Georgia Lottery. If Angel R. Tamayo is the rightful owner of the winning ticket, then he may also go home empty handed as the government finds that he owes a back pay to child support that is amounting to more than $17,250 the total amount to be claimed after taxes.

Another claimant Tracey Dawn Gibson also came forward to claim the winning lottery cash prize thus making the Georgia Lottery Corp. leave the final decision to a Judge of the Fulton County Superior Court.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kentucky Man Arrested For Cashing Stolen Lottery Ticket

A 57 year old man named Dwayne Horne is found guilty of theft after he admitted stealing a lottery ticket. Horne was caught after a surveillance camera at the BP gas station was reviewed by investigators and saw him exchanging a lottery ticket for cash.

Kentucky Lottery called the attention of the Louisville Police after a stolen lottery ticket was suddenly redeemed. Horne immediately confessed of committing theft after he was arrested by the Louisville Metro Police. His crime is considered a Class C Felony which is punishable by imprisonment of 5 years up to not more than 10 years.

Last Chance for Holder of £1 Million EuroMillions Ticket to Come Forward

All players of the lottery in Bristol are encouraged to check their tickets because it might be the winning ticket that has not claimed its prize. While the 92 lottery ticket winners have come to claim their prize, there are still 8 more that have not come forward, and are given an ultimatum to surface and claim their prize until 11pm to make their claim.

But it is the winner of the £1Million lottery ticket that everyone is eyeing to see. While the Bristol Post is trying to help find the winner, the National Lottery cannot divulge any more information.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Woman and Son Claim Tennessee’s 1st Mega Millions Jackpot Win

A belief that one day she too can win the lottery is what led Bettina Still of Tennessee to win the Tennessee’s Mega Millions Jackpot. 69 year old Bettina Still is the first winner of the Tennessee Mega Millions Jackpot. She was able to win $61 million and said that she will share half of the winnings to her son named Jonathan who has also been playing lottery with her for many years now.

Bettina is a retired worker who never gave up trying by constantly playing the lottery. She even told her friends that you cannot win if you do not play and so she did for many years. Bettina chose to get the lump sum, a decision that took her awhile to make so she decided to seek for a financial adviser’s opinion./br>

Because of her win, Tennessee Lottery’s President is confident that Still will increase their sales. /br>

Monday, January 20, 2014

NY Lottery Winner Contemplates Moving to Paris

74 year old Bill Bracken wins $3 million in the lottery jackpot making his win the first in Washington Country since 2006 when Jeffrey Henderson won the same prize. Bill Bracken is an artist who has his own studio and gallery in Mount Dessert Island. He is into watercolor and has been in different locations since growing up in Averill Park. After his childhood in Averill Park, he also spent much time in Maine in the Mount Dessert Island and now currently lives in Florida at Vero Beach.

After receiving his winning check, he mentioned about his intentions of moving to Paris where he had been many times. Aside from his move to Paris, Bracken would also be paying his mortgage and would like to buy real estate.

He recalls that it was his son who bought the ticket for him when he gave $50 to buy 5 $10 tickets.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dumfries and Tain Residents Toast to £600,000 Lotto Wins

Lotto winners celebrate their win after getting almost £600,000. The winners of lotto are an engaged couple from Tain while the other one is a council worker from Dumfries. Both set of winners have different approaches in choosing their winning numbers and both have interesting stories to tell.

60 year old Alfie Crosbie used his grandchidren’s ages in deciding for the numbers to use while 36 year old Barry Loughrey and his fiancĂ©e Ildi Kiss who is set to get married in July just made a random pick for the numbers. Crosbie will buy a car and watch football matches.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 17, 2013 Mega Millions Winners Have Claimed Their Prizes

How long will it take you to claim hundreds and millions of dollars if you win in the lottery? Reports from the California Lottery official states that 16 days after the reveal of two winning jackpot tickets, the second of the two winners has come forward to finally claim his millions.

This lucky winner is Steve Tran from Northern California. Tran is the second winner of the two winners of the $636 Million in the USA Mega Millions Jackpot. Tran reportedly purchased his winning ticket in a gift shop at San Jose California.

The $636 Million Mega Million Jackpot is reportedly the second largest lottery prize given away in the history of US Lottery. According to the Lotto officials the million dollar prize started its climb on Oct 4 and 22 draws passed and still no winners came. By the Dec 17 draw there were already around $336 million tickets sold.

On the other hand the other winner who is known as Ira Curry came forward to claim her millions on Dec 18. Curry is from Stone Mountain Georgia and lottery officials report that Curry took the lump sum of around $120 million after taxes. Curry bought her winning ticket in the Gateway Newstand located in the Alliance Center Building in Buckhead. Curry dwells in a two story home in a neighborhood of stucco houses with manicured lawns 10 miles east of Atlanta.

Steve Trans luck isn’t short because the store owner where he bought his ticket named Thuy Nguyen will receive $1million.

Monday, January 6, 2014

December 25 Euro Millions Winner Never Touched His Ticket

Ever wonder if it’s possible to win in lottery and bank huge prizes without ever touching a lottery ticket? Well you’ll be surprised to know that the answer is a big yes. The news reports that though it may not look like a mystery but just regular news of winning, a man from Gloucestershire won the lottery and took home the prize in EuroMillions without putting his hands to a ticket.

This lucky person is identified only as Mr. I. It was indeed a Merry Christmas for Mr. I because on the draw of EuroMillions in Christmas Eve Mr. I bagged and won £216,893.40. All thanks to his matched five main numbers and one lucky star in EuroMillions.

Now how was it even possible that Mr. I never touched a ticket? Well Mr. I was a very lucky man indeed because he was the sole winner from over six million players each week playing EuroMillions online.

You too can play and win Euro Millions without ever having to buy a lottery ticket. Just click here