Saturday, December 7, 2013

Won the lottery 12 years ago, died broke

David Lee Edwards was a Powerball winner 12 years ago. His fortune turned into a misfortune as he died penniless and broke and sadly, alone in the nursing home care. He won the $27 million jackpot price 12 years ago. He won together with other with the record setting $280 million total jackpot purse.

He was a convicted felon hailing from the Ashland in Kentucky. After winning the lottery, he purchased a mansion situated in the upscale gate community. Just like the typical overnight millionaires, Lee Edwards used the money in luxury items like expensive and luxury cars and even the LearJet.

Unfortunately, he was a drug addict and lived a life of free-spending lifestyle. These unfortunate events led the Edwards and his wife Shawna to become broke. They lived in a filthy storage unit and in this situation, Shawna left Edwards. He died at the age of 58.

The tragic story of Edwards can become the parable or wakeup story for individuals being corrupted by the sudden increase in wealth, according to the family and friends of Edwards. He may won staggering amount of $27 million, but 12 years later, that amount was gone and he even owed thousands of dollars to many people.


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