Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tattslotto Winner Hopes Third Time’s the Charm!

What happens when fate comes knocking on your door twice?

Such is the case of a man based in Northcote who won TattsLotto twice in six weeks. The lottery winner from Melbourne who refuses to reveal his identity has amassed a total of $1.2 million from the two division one draws with additional system prizes in March and April.

His winnings were divided into two windfalls: the first one was given on March 9 totalling $416,462 and the second one on April 20 with an amount of $796,950. Both tickets were purchased at the Normanby News and Lotto in Thornbury.

The man and his wife were over the moon and still reeling from the good luck that befell them. In an official statement issued by Tatts, the winner was quoted saying, “It’s hard to believe it myself”. He said the first time he won TattaLotto in March he funnelled all the winnings to his mortgage payment. With the second winning, he will use the money to renovate his house.

The lucky guy said he will keep on buying his regular weekly ticket in the hopes of striking it out for the third time. He is keeping his fingers crossed that it might happen and replicate the luck of a man in Beechworth, Victoria who won Tattslotto three times back in 2008.

Tatts issued a statement that while winning TattsLotto more than once has happened to a few pople, it was rare for division one wins to be spaced so close together.


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