Tuesday, April 16, 2013

People Start Lining Up As Powerball Finally Hits California

Powerball is an American lottery game known for its big jackpot prizes. Last April 8, California joined the list of states where the game is played. With the state now joining in on the Powerball fever, tons of people are lining up with money in hand, hoping to become the next big winner of the Powerball.

The tickets cost twice as much as the regular SuperLotto Plus and Mega Millions which are also pick six lottery types. However, the Powerball attracts more attention since it has the ability to grow $10 million after every draw that doesn't get a winner. It also has the biggest starting jackpot amount which makes it grow faster and more lucrative for players. The Powerball jackpot starts off at $40 million while the SuperLotto Plus and Mega Millions start off at $7 and $12 million, respectively.

The game is played twice a week across all states and is known for reaching up to $100 million on a regular basis. Its biggest jackpot to date was won November last year at an astonishing $587 million that were shared between two people. The biggest jackpot won by a single person in the Powerball amounted to $337 million. It is no surprise as to why people are so excited to buy a ticket for this lottery since it has a bigger payoff and grows much faster compared to the other lotteries in the U.S.

American Powerball is played by choosing 5 white balls from 1 to 59 and one red ball (Powerball) from 1 to 35. Players can select their own numbers or have the terminal randomly select numbers called quick pick or easy pick. The order at which the white balls are drawn is irrelevant but in order to win, the players must match at least three white balls and/or the red Powerball. Players cannot switch their Powerball number with their white ball number or vice-versa. With the added complexity of the game, it is estimated that chance of winning is 1 out of 175 million. Despite the odds, people still queue up to buy a ticket. There is also a Powerplay option; however, this option is not available in California.

A few days after the biggest Powerball jackpot last November, the California Lottery Commission voted unanimously that they will join the multi-state game making them the 43rd state to allow Powerball play. Only the following states don't play Powerball: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Since becoming a part of the Powerball group, California has started aggressive ads and campaigns for the very popular lottery hoping that this will lure more players, which in turn will result in more revenue for public schools.


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