Saturday, April 20, 2013

Most Expensive Resort in the World Perfect for Everyone

Traveling to resorts for your vacation is like traveling to several countries all at the same time. Why? This is because when you visit a resort, you’re not able to enjoy the perfect view of nature, you are also able to enjoy different types of water activities. The minute you get inside your hotel room or suite, you are brought to the country’s culture and history and when you dine at select restaurants you are more likely to experience something else. This is the very reason why if you can afford it try checking out the most expensive resort in the world this time around.

The Royal Villa Grand Resort Lagonissi 

The Royal Villa Grand Resort Lagonissi is top choice for splurging on your vacation with family and friends. An overnight stay should cost you approximately $50,000. However, this beauteous resort located in Athens, Greece promises to make every dollar you spend worth it. They offer the best hotel facilities and they guarantee a truly remarkable experience while you’re in Greece. What’s more, the will provide you with a breathtaking view of the country and will also treat you with utmost care and respect.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa is located at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. This resort will cost you around $40,000 per night but you need not worry either because there are a lot of activities to enjoy here. You can stay inside your room or enjoy a free access to the casino. Who knows, you just might win a good amount to make up for your travel expenses. From your hotel window, you can also view the entire Las Vegas strip so it’s like seeing and experiencing the hotel city without the hassle.

Emirates Palace 

If you can really afford an extravagant vacation, why not stay at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. This resort looks like an actual palace so expect to be treated like a king or queen. This resort houses 394 rooms and offers you a direct access to an exclusive white sand beach. There are several pools to choose from as well. A night’s stay will cost you approximately $300,000. There are still many other luxurious resorts in the world that you might want to see. Save up for a trip to any of these destinations and experience something different during your lifetime.


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