Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Japan “Dream” Jumbo Draw Set for June 2013

The Japan Jumbo Draw is the highest paying among all the Japanese Takara-kuji (fortune or treasure) Lotteries. Next to the Spanish El Gordo Draw, the Japan Jumbo Draw is the biggest lottery draw in the world. Tickets to the Japan Jumbo are exclusively sold for a limited time before each draw by the Mizuho Bank. The lottery has a very large following in Japan that tickets are typically sold out long before the actual draw. Many Japanese lottery players are usually surprised when it is announced many days before the draw that ticket sales are over. Because of the manner Japanese grab every available tickets for the Japan Jumbo Draw, there is a very limited opportunity for people outside of Japan to play the lottery. Since foreign players were allowed to take part in the Japan Jumbo Draw after 2003, the limited number of tickets that were made available to players outside of the country must be reserved well in advance.

Japan Jumbo Draw has a 1 to 9 winning odds and a huge cash payout that reaches up to $2 Billion. It is the richest lottery draw in the whole of Asia. Japan Jumbo Draw prizes are paid out in lump sum, unlike most lotteries in the world that pay annuities. Japan Jumbo Draw prizes are absolutely tax-free.

There are four regular Japan Jumbo Draws each year, as follows:
  • Green Draw - It is held every March with a prize pool of ¥25Billion or US$278 Million.
  • Dream Draw - It is held every June with a prize pool of ¥37 Billion or US$469 Million.
  • Summer Draw - It is held every August with a prize pool of ¥36 Billion or US$465 Million.
  • Year-End Draw - It is the biggest draw of the year that is held every December with a staggering pool of ¥102 Billion or US$1.3 Billion.
It is the staggering amount of prizes that make both Japanese and foreign players scramble to buy the limited tickets very early. International lottery outlets that sell the limited Japan Jumbo Draw tickets accept bet placements a lot early.

June 2013 Green Draw

The Green Draw was held on March 15, 2013, producing the following results:

                         1st Prize         - ¥350 Million to the winning number 
                         - ¥100 Million to the ticket number before the winning number 
                      - ¥100 Million to the ticket number after the winning number 

Second to 7th prizes were handed to several ticket holders with huge payouts also 

This early, players are already anticipating the ¥25 Billion jackpot prize for the upcoming Japan Dream Jumbo Draw in June 2013. Foreign players must make their bet placements now with their lottery outlet.


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