Saturday, February 2, 2013

€42.8 Million Italian Lotto Jackpot on February 5!

The Italian Lotto Jackpot on Tuesday, February 5 is now estimated at EU 42.8M or (EST US$57.3 Million).

Today’s Italian Superenalotto traces its origins back to the 1950s Enalotto lottery game. Back then it was considered as one of the biggest Lottery games in Europe. The Italian Superenalotto game was re introduced in December 1997 by SISAL, a private company that has been handling betting and gaming accounts for over six decades. The game was redesigned in such a way that it would produce massive jackpots with staggering stakes and still be easy to play.

Italian SuperEnalotto draws take place at 8 pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week.
The SuperEnalotto jackpot starts out at €1,300,000 and each time it is not won, it is added onto the next draw, increasing until the numbers are all correctly matched. The jackpot prize can reach epic proportions when the jackpot continues to go unclaimed. And, since there is no cap on the amount of jackpot, it will keep on going higher and higher.

Due to the fact that the guess-range is so wide, rollover draws and massive jackpots are very common and some of the largest jackpots in Europe are regularly produced.

Playing the Italian SuperEnalotto is very easy. You must choose any 6 numbers from 1-90. When you match all six numbers, the massive multi-million jackpot is yours.

This popular Italian game has already topped the €177 Million Jackpot mark, and continues to produce record-breaking Jackpots.

Join now for a shot at the €42.8 Million Italian Lotto Jackpot on February 5!


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