Thursday, January 17, 2013

Newly weds won $250K on Mega Millions

Debra Opper who runs a computer health desk at the Social Security Administration won $250,000 on Mega Millions last January 1.

Opper has been buying same lottery tickets : five $2 multi-match tickets from Monday and Thursday, a $5 Mega Millions ticket for Tuesday and Friday and a $10 Powerball ticket for Wednesday and Saturday.

She has won $10,000 four years ago and never dreamed of winning a 6-figure prize like what she won last January 1.

“Never did I ever imagine that was going to be me. Now I’m even still sitting here at the lottery office waiting for them to say, ‘Haha, it’s a joke. Never mind,’” Opper said.

She and her husband who got married last December 1 plans on going to the Hawaiian islands or Puerto Rico to have their proper honeymoon. The money will also help buy a taxi passenger vehicle in Montgomery County so he can have his own cab. She also plans on helping her 26 year old twin daughters with their car payments.

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