Thursday, January 10, 2013

Japan Year-End Jumbo Draw: 2012's Biggest Lottery Blowout

The biggest Asian lottery draw will take place on December 31, 2012. For Japanese lotto lovers, this date coincides with a lots of luck and hope – the day of the Japan Year-End Jumbo Draw. With about ¥102 billion in cash pay-outs, the Japan Jumbo Draw holds ranks as the second largest lotto in the world next to Spain’s El Gordo.

There are four Japan Jumbo Draws each year: March, June, August and December. The December or with the final draw being the biggest and richest of all. The 2012 year-end Jumbo draw promises a total of ¥27.2 billion yen to 68 first prize winners, which means each one gains over ¥400 million. 204 second prize winners are up to gain ¥30 million each, and so many more millions are in store for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th prize winners as well as subsidiary prizes. All these prizes are free of government taxes and paid out in one single lump sum.

The Most Massive Draw of the Year

The Japan Year-End Jumbo Draw is truly massive. It provides lotto players and hopefuls a chance to become millionaires many times over. Winning any one of the minor prizes is also not such a bad thing.

The biggest challenge however, is how to get your Japan Jumbo Draw lottery tickets. These lotto tickets are the hardest to purchase because they are sold only by the Mizuho Bank in Japan. Since they were introduced to foreign players in 2003, tickets to overseas players have been limited so it is crucial to make reservations as early as possible.

The holiday season is one of the great chances to become millionaire, especially for the Japanese. Millions of residents look forward to the “Japan Year-End Jumbo Draw” and hope that it will be their turn to become the next big winner.

The Japan Year-End Jumbo Draw () is the most impressive and massive year-end lotto event of the year. Get a chance to be one of its lucky winners, visit today!


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