Thursday, November 1, 2012

OSA Infographics

OSA has taken to the latest fad in online info marketing – infographics! If you’re a person who knows not a thing about these lottery games and would like to be introduced, get on board through these colorful poster images. OSA infographics are very informative, providing you with a background and trivia about each game, and with vivid cartoon images to accompany them. 

The “More Info” link will lead you to the most basic of how-to’s. By the time you’re done reading them and following the link, you’ll feel like you can actually be an expert.

And for people who are so into lottery and want to know more about their favorite games, these infographics will let you know everything you want to know. For instance, are you aware that Italians spend over US$2.7 billion in a year? And that the Spanish El Gordo Draw is the oldest lottery in the world?

Get more intimate with your favorite lotto game through this new feature of OSA by clicking on the “Infographics” tab on top.

Italian Supernenalotto and the Spanish Superdraws are just two of the lottery games that you can enter via Overseas Subscribers Agents. To know more, just visit:

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