Wednesday, November 14, 2012

$5 million Lottery Scam

Brothers Andy and Nayel Ashkar were featured last month in a newspaper wherein they waited for 6 years before claiming their $5 million lotto prize.

Last November 6, they were arrested for attempting to cash in a $5 million lottery prize jackpot.

Their customer at Greenale Market bought a scratch off ticket last 2006. Andy Ashkar told the customer that he only won $5,000 and not $5 million, thus Andry took the ticket.

It took the brothers 6 years before collecting the prize and they were related to the owner of the store which gave suspicions to the authorities and investigated the case.

They are now facing charges of attempted grand larceny and conspiracy.

The customer or the real winner of the scratch ticket came forward after reading the article last month regarding the brothers. He is now cooperating with the District Attorney's office.

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