Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The El Gordo Special Autumn Draw on November 3, 2012

November marks another Spanish Superdraw and this one promises a huge 84 million euros worth of cash prizes along with 37,000 winners to be drawn all on the same day. The first prize alone is worth 10 million euros! 

With only 100,000 tickets and over 37,000 prizes paid out, and 1-in-3 odds of winning a share of the huge payout…El Gordo's “Autumn Draw” is one of the most popular game in Spain.

The Saturday, November 3 El Gordo Draw  remains to be one of the most popular lottery games of all time because its winning prizes are just too great to miss.

More About El Gordo

The El Gordo superdraws come in two different types that are drawn bi-weekly and that have two different types of grand prizes. These draws happen during the most significant months of the years, at least in the world of lottery. The Navidad draw, also regarded as the biggest El Gordo lottery every created is usually drawn on December 22. What has made this lotto type most popular around the world is the fact that all of its winners are guaranteed a 70% revenue payout while other lottery types only give around 40 to 50 percent revenue payouts.

The Big Oneas what the El Gordo lottery is more casually called follows its own system by distributing tickets to its actual followers. Tickets for this type of lotto game can either be purchased in tenths or as wholes. However, it is important to realize that tickets for this lottery type can be regarded as expensive compared to others but since it offers the biggest winning prize and a relatively high percentage for winning, its definitely worth it. The tickets are usually sold in bulks so the minute they are announced to already be out in the website, lottery fans everywhere in the world really go crazy for it.

Another thing that makes El Gordo different is the manner in which they print out the tickets. Ticket numbers are classified in groups that contain different number series. Thus, one number combination or series that you have may not be exclusively yours. Other people might also have the same number on their own ticket.


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