Tuesday, October 23, 2012

21 Million Reasons to Play Oz Superdraw

The OZ Superdraw is regarded to be one of the biggest and most prestigious lottery draws in Australia. Another one of their big draws are scheduled this Saturday, November 10. 2012 wherein as much as AUD 21,000,000 can be received in cash prizes. But even if you do not win the grand prize, you can still get the chance to win in the smaller draws and bring reasonable amounts of money.

Whats great about the lotteries created in Australia is the fact that they usually combine their resources for prizes and share it together to create the highly-renowned Superdraws in the country. This kind of lottery takes place a lot of times within a year. All member of the Australian Lotto Bloc combine together their weekly games and this includes the OzSuper Lotto and many others. Throughout the year, this kind of draw takes place around seven to eight times only and is usually set during the countrys natiaonl holidays.

This basically means that the Australian Superdraw is the one that pays the biggest jackpot prizes of up to AUD 33,000,000 while providing the highest odds percentage increasing every players chance of winning. As a result, this is the lottery game that is said to be the most popular at least in the entire Asia Pacific region.

If this information still werent enough, here are more facts about the OZ Superdraw that makes it really great:

Value for Money

When it comes to buying lottery tickets, the OZ Superdraw is perhaps that one that guarantees value for money. Since the jackpot prizes for this game is much higher compared to other games while the odds for winning remain entirely the same. Thus, more people can have the chance to win in this lottery with a much bigger prize.

Also, the OZ Superdraw employs exactly alike matrixes with that of the Australian Saturday Lotto 6/45. This lottery of course has the reputation of being the easiest lottery types you can ever play in your lifetime. Imagine this matrix with a much bigger jackpot prize; thats exactly what the OZ Superdraw is all about.


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