Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three unclaimed winning tickets in National Lottery

There were now three unclaimed winning prize in the National Lottery, all from the Northern Ireland area.

First was bought in Co Down for the June 2 draw of the UK National Lottery. The ticket won GBP4,392,003 Million. The winning numbers were 16,18,20,25,29,34 and bonus ball 15. The ticket holder has until November 29 this year to claim the prize.

Second was bought in Fermanagh-South Tyrone for the August 3 Draw of EuroMillions with raffle number GCR760097. The ticket won GBP1 million. Ticket holder has until January 30, 2013 to claim their prize.

Most recent or the third was bought for the August 11 draw in the UK National Lottery. It won GBP73,263. The winning numbers were 1,5,14,18,34,44 and bonus ball 23. This can be claimed until February 7, 2013.

If the winners don't claim their winnings, all these money plus interests will go to the National Lottery Good Causes fund.

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