Monday, August 27, 2012

Prep Up for the El Gordo December 2012 Draw

You can well be on your way to becoming a billionaire this coming holiday season. El Gordo will surely close the year with a bang as they give away €2.5 billion in the December 22, 2012 draw. This announcement will probably set off a lot of people into pooling their own groups in preparation for the much awaited draw. And, who wouldn’t? Even if you will be splitting the large winnings with the rest of your group members, you will still find yourself armed with loads of money. And that’s perfect to celebrate the yuletide season and the coming year ahead as well. 

Even without a hefty jackpot, many enjoy playing the El Gordo lottery game because of the bigger chances of winning. You get to play with a group meaning you also lessen the cost of buying several tickets. Once you join the group play, you get to share ten lottery tickets and definitely enjoy an increase in the odds of hitting it big. Prepare for the time of your life once you win the jackpot but even if you land the 2nd and 3rd prizes, you still get to take home millions of Euros. And since you are playing a group, you are going to shell out a lesser amount of money because the total entry cost is divided among all the share holders. Imagine that with only €20, you can already have one El Gordo Group share. But remember that if you own more shares, you are also doubling your share on the group prize loot. 

You can expect the largest number of winners this coming December because 15,304 prize winning tickets will be drawn. This only means that once you enter your number combinations in time, you get 153,040 chances of winning a share of the exciting cash payout every time a draw is made. 
El Gordo remains to be a lottery favorite among many because you can play it anywhere you are in the world. You do not even have to be a Spanish national to be eligible. A lot of international players make use of this opportunity by getting the services of Overseas Subscribers Agents (OSA) to be able to take part of the game. And in case you get lucky with your set of lucky numbers, you get to receive and enjoy your cash winnings in full.


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