Monday, August 6, 2012

Euro Millions Jackpot Reaches EUR190,000,000 Cap!

There is no better time to purchase your tickets for the Euro Millions draw! The top prize for Tuesday, August 7th, has reached an all-time high of €190 million! Yes, you read it right, a staggering €190 million jackpot prize is up for grabs.

This proves to be a monumental event because Euro Millions has one again reached the ceiling amount or jackpot prize cap. This is the first time that the jackpot reached this astounding amount, which is why many are wondering if the jackpot will be successfully won just like in July 2011 when the jackpot prize of €185 million was taken home.

It can be remembered that when Euro Millions was launched in 2004, 12 rollover draws was the original limit for the jackpot prize. The rule was changed so that the jackpot prize can reach €185 million- but thus was won in July 2011. In February this year, the maximum jackpot was set at a maximum of €190 million.

This means that if the jackpot is not won on Tuesday, the top prize will remain at €190 million for the Friday, August 10 draw. On the occasion that nobody hits the jackpot on the second draw, the prize pool will be rolled down and distributed to the lower division prizes. This only means one thing - all that prize money must be won this week! If this isn’t reason enough to make a beeline for Euro Millions tickets, then we’re not sure what.

So, what are you waiting for? Before you put on your thinking cap and whip up the ultimate list of what to do with €190 million, bring out your luckiest of numbers and secure your entries for the biggest jackpot ever in Euro Millions now! Today just might be your lucky day!


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