Monday, July 9, 2012

Iowa's biggest lottery prize winners, names have been released

Workers from Quaker Oats Cedar Rapids plant, won the Powerball jackpot of $231 Million last June 20. It is Iowa's biggest lottery prize payout.

The group did not want to give their names, so they were given 10 business days to request an injunction which the group failed to do.

A total of 18 men and 2 women, they are : Tommy Campbell Sr., William Carnahan, Mike Hughes, Denise Hunt, Terry Koopman, David Morgan, Charles Shedek, Gregory Stearns and Rodney Tierney from Cedar Rapids; Timothy Himmelsbach and Kelly Mulford from Marion; Daniel Cantonwine of Vinton; Kenneth Cole of Fairfax; Robert Havlik of Toddville; Carol Kremer of Central City; Allen Miller of Shellsburg; Larry Nielsen of Walker; Brent Novak of Shellsburg; Jason Rauch of Ryan; John Wharton of Keystone.

The group opted to receive their prize in a lump sum of $160.3 Million. Each one received $8 Million.

11 of them said, that they will retire after getting their prize winnings.

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