Monday, July 16, 2012

Be One of 100 Lucky UK Raffle Millionaires on July 27th!

The 27th of July is going to be a red letter day for both the Olympic world and the lottery world. Euro Millions and UK Millionaire Raffle will cause quite a commotion for many ticket holders as 100 lucky hopefuls will end the day as brand new millionaires.

The Special Euro Millions - UK Millionaire Raffle Draw is set to coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, with the draw being done in the latter part of the evening as a cap off point of the event. July 27 will be a hallmark date, with 100 lucky lottery players vying their luck for a stellar one million pounds each. This momentous occasion is credited to the considerable effort of thousands of UK citizens who worked hard to raise an impressive amount in honor of the Olympic Paralympic Games.

No Added Cost

The entry cost for an entry to the Euro Millions Draw with the UK Millionaire special raffle is still the same. The exciting part about the draw on July 27th is the announcement of not one but a hundred millionaires, each receiving a check for a million pounds. This is a truly prestigious draw that many Euro Millions players are looking forward to.

How do I become one of 100 New UK Millionaires?

Every time you purchase a line of Euro Millions numbers, you'll be issued with a unique UK Millionaire Raffle selection - which will be displayed on your ticket. This selection will be entered in the special UK Millionaire Raffle draw and 100 lucky UK players will win £1million.

Entries will still be tied with the Euro Millions draw for July 27th. Under OSA, you may play as much as 20 Games for this special one off draw and receive 20 chances to win £1million.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime event. Order your tickets for the special Euro Millions – UK Millionaire Raffle draw today!


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