Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A story of a couple who won the top prize 15 years ago

15 years ago, David and Margaret Storey from Shipley won GBP1.4Million in a National Lottery.

It was a few weeks before their wedding, when they won the top prize. It changed a lot of things for them. The money made it possible for them to change their honeymoon destination from Blackpool to Barbados. Since then, they travelled to far-flung places like Maldives and Dominican Republic.

Mrs Storey, now 58 said the money was a welcome relief as her husband at that time was unable to work due to sickness.

She said: “It’s taken away any worry. I think anybody would have financial concerns if there was only one wage coming in. We have moved to a larger detached house and it’s given us the chance to travel more.”

The couple still lead a normal life even with the money.

“We haven’t changed,” Mrs Storey said. “It gave us peace of mind and it gave us choices. We live an average life. Initially we went on a few big holidays but then we settled down and have done normal things.”

Source : www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk


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