Friday, June 29, 2012

Quality Inspector won $20,000 in a "Cash Ka-Pow" Scratch ticket

Geraldine Carrico from Ioania won the $20,000 top prize in "Cash Ka-Pow" Scratchers ticket.

She plans to share some of her winning with her children, upgrade her vehicle and save the rest for her retirement.

She said that she will keep looking for another big win.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teenager who won $1.5 Million still working

Allison Cooke, 19, won a $1.3 million luxury beach apartment on Gold Coast, $52,000 worth of furnitures and electronics, $70,000 gold bullion and a $60,000 travel voucher.

Cooke, who works in a warehouse in Melbourne, cashed in the gold and paid what she owes her mum, and saved the rest of the money.

"It's given me an amazing start to my adult life and I'm not going to waste it," she said.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

UK to Draw 100 Millionaires on July 27th

 Spirits are definitely soaring high in the UK with the announcement of a Special UK Millionaire Raffle this July 27. On that day the Euro Millions and UK Millionaire Raffle draw will be announcing not a single winner, but a hundred winners of a million pounds each. This event was created for the UK to create a new world record for the most number of winning millionaires in a single night. 

The UK Lotto paved the way for a world record last December 2010, announcing twenty five winners in the UK Millionaire Raffle, but this draw is more exciting as a considerable number will be waking up the next day as brand new millionaires.

This momentous occasion is credited to the considerable effort of thousands of UK citizens who worked hard to raise an impressive amount in honor of the Olympic Paralympic Games. The Euro Millions - UK Millionaire Raffle Draw is set to coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, with the draw being done in the latter part of the evening as a cap off point of the event. July 27 will be a hallmark date, with 100 lucky lottery players vying their luck for a stellar one million pounds each.

How do I become one of 100 New UK Millionaires?

Every time you purchase a line of Euro Millions numbers, you'll be issued with a unique UK Millionaire Raffle selection - which will be displayed on your ticket. This selection will be entered in the special UK Millionaire Raffle draw and 100 lucky UK players will win £1million.

There are no special rules or fees for this unique UK millionaire's raffle draw. Entries will still be tied with the Euro Millions draw for July 27th. Under OSA, you may play as much as 20 Games for this special one off draw and receive 20 chances to win £1million.

With the announcement of a hundred new millionaires, the draw has already captured a massive following. Thousands of lottery players from all over the world have already reserved their tickets in the hopes of snatching one of the one hundred 1- million prizes to be raffled off.

July 27 will definitely be a memorable stamp for a lot of lottery players especially for the lucky 100 brand new millionaires who get to enjoy the perks of the special raffle. With the new record about to be set, the UK is where all eyes will be on the much anticipated draw date.

You may enter the special Euro Millions – UK Millionaire Raffle draw here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miner won $250,000 in Mega Millions

James Prokop, a coal miner from Danville, correctly matched 5 numbers and won $250,000 on the June 19 Mega Millions draw.

"I can't believe this," Prokop said. "I stopped by the store on my way to work to check the tickets and the woman ran it through the machine and it said 'congratulations' and that I would have to go to Charleston to claim my winnings. She thought I won $250,000, but I still didn't believe it and told her that it has to be a mistake. It didn't really sink in that I won this much until getting here (Lottery Headquarters) and having the person (in validations) tell me."

"I want to get myself debt free and enjoy my paychecks," Prokop said. "I owe some on my truck and my home so I am going to be debt free and put some of it back for my retirement."

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Monday, June 25, 2012

OSA Copycat Uses Australian Lottery Email

Here's the latest OSA Copycat email we have discovered. Note that the scammers went as far as copying the letterhead and results URL of Australian Lottery. If you should ever come across this scam, please don't pay attention to it.

Remember that to win any lottery game, you must first play.

Spot Lotto Scammers!

The OSA (Overseas Subscriber Agents) in conjunction with other international government lotto subsidiaries have expressed their diligent worry of the prevalence of lotto related scams that are currently being distributed through email and snail mail all over the globe. This attempt at cheating people off their hard earned money by luring them with quick rich lotto scams are beginning to dampen the reputation and reliability of the international lotto community.

The following steps will help you identify Lotto Scams.

Go through the lotto offer with due diligence and a keen eye for detail. Most Lotto themed scams will say the same thing, a suspicious message congratulating you for winnings but will come with a catch: to claim your prize you must send them a fee.

The typical modus for these Lotto Scams will tell you that you have been selected through a computerized ballot and will mention trigger words such as “claim agent”, “Processing fee”, “bank fee” or “insurance”. The Lottery email or mail will encourage you to exercise confidentiality until your winnings have been successfully “processed” and the money has been deposited to your bank account. They will them proceed to warn you that any breach in the confidentiality clause will automatically disqualify you from receiving your earnings altogether.

The Lottery advisory will then provide you instructions about claiming your prize, that will be delivered via a courier service or a secure payment system of which you will have to pay for delivery and storage charges.

Another easy tell that the lottery advisory is a scam is through the use of common sense: There is no way that you could have won a cash prize if you did not enter the specific lottery to begin with.

Always keep in mind that you shouldn’t send any kind of payment for a Lottery that you didn’t join. If in fact you did win a huge sum in a lottery that you joined via OSA, you will receive a phone call that details the exact amount of your winnings and ask you for a bank where you would prefer to claim it. All prize remittance are totally free of charge as part of your offer from OSA. There is no charge of any kind, OSA will never ask you for “taxes” or “fees” in order to receive your winnings.

You can also verify your winning prize by contacting the helpdesk which is available 24 hours a day or through the online portal at There is also the option to send a fax about your inquiry, giving us a copy of your “winning notice” by sending it to (+3120) 638 3429.

Your vigilance is important to bring down these Lotto Scammers and so that you can avoid being victimized, as these emails and letters can easily deceive. Thousands have already paid the price and have lost a lot of money by paying these “taxes” and “fees” in order to claim the lotto winnings they have been promised.

To date, a huge amount has already been associated with this type of scam and continues to plague earnest Lotto marketers and Government Lottery systems. OSA has been a remarkable system that has more than 155,000 players taking advantage of overseas Government Lotteries and Draws since 1988. Avoid lotto scams by sticking with genuine lottery companies like OSA and get a real chance to win in the Government and state lottos from all over the world.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Couple won GBP2M on the Lottery

Robin and Lesley Palmer, from Swillington, Leeds won GBP2.1 Million on the lottery.

The couple were unaware of their win as they were busy cleaning after a flood that hit their area.

Robin, a former electrical manager, retired 5 weeks ago, said "We had been stranded in our home due to the floods. If we'd known we were millionaires we could have hired a helicopter to fly us out.” Lesley, spent her time the next day by mopping the floors of their social club.

The couple will treat themselves to a new car, a holiday, and some renovations to their house.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OZ Superdraw June 30 Draw: AUD$30 Million

Winning the lottery is perceived to be as something that is as rare as a four leaf clover. Although we have heard various success stories about winning the big ticket jackpots, most lottery gamers have yet to know what it is like to obtain the winning numbers. Many have sought various manners in which to win the lottery. Some may resort to superstitious beliefs and rituals in hopes of making it big with the winnings. Some individuals take in a different approach by utilizing both basic and advanced mathematics to predict the probabilities of the numbers they have chosen to bet on. Whatever forms of technique or ritual a person has chosen, the basic fact is that the chances of winning are essentially based on luck.

One may increase their chances in becoming lucky, though. It is a known fact that lottery games have various outputs. Some games have much less monetary payouts than the others. It is important to determine which lottery games give out more payouts to its gamers. Serious lottery enthusiasts must do a little bit of research in terms of the history of the past winnings of the lottery game they desire to join. If the payouts are good in number, then they should go ahead and join. If not, it is best to look for another game that does.

One of the known good payout lottery games is the OZ Superdraw. It is categorized as a Superdraw since lottery games such as these have seasonal draws, thus rendering more money that is included in the jackpot prize. The OZ Superdraw is considered to be the biggest in terms of cash payouts. Lotto enthusiasts and serious lottery gamers are excited to join this seasonal game in order to increase their chances in winning it big. The next draw is schedule for June 30 and more and more gamers are including their lucky numbers in order to get a chance of winning up to $40 Million Australian Dollars. For those who do not win the big ticket jackpot, they may still have a chance in taking home one of the hundreds of lower cash prizes.

Aside from getting better chances of winning with the OZ Superdraw, individuals or groups who win in this lottery game get to take home every single dollar that they win. Winnings are absolutely free of any government taxes. Moreover, winnings may be claimed in lump sum, without any deductions, unlike most of the American Lottery games wherein winners have only access to part of their winnings for a period of up to 25 years.

First top prize winner in Scratch-off

Patricia Williams, 51, from Jacksonville is the first top prize winner in Florida's $500,000 Monopoly Scratch-off card.

The Monopoly scratch-off card was launched only last June 5. The odds of winning is one in 4.01. There are still 5 cards of $500,000 to be won.

Williams bought her winning ticket at Ocean Food Store in Jacksonville.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Man won $500,000 in a Scratch card

Khot Souimaniphanh, from Fort Stewart, Georgia, won a half-million dollar in a "Cash Deluxe" scratch card.

He purchased his card at Chevron Food mart in Dawsonville.

“I just walked in there looking for a ticket and that was the one,” said Souimaniphanh.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Youngest winner in a Lottery

Robert Salo, 18, a graduating high school student, won in the "Win $1,000 a Week for Life" Lottery.

“I was up all night. Walking the halls, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t drink, I was just really excited.”

He is the youngest person ever to win in this lottery. He will be receiving $1,000 every month for the rest of his life. If he lives into 80 years old, he can get more than $3 Million.

He said, he'll be treating himself to a new BMW car. He is planning to use the rest of the money to pay for College. He wants to study electrical engineering.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Employees won almost GBP80,000 on a lottery

A syndicate created by employees of Morrison Utility Services, won GBP79,887 in a lottery draw of May 12. The winning numbers were 1,5,18,21,23,33 and the bonus ball 20. Each of the members received GBP2,853.

Callum Crosier, the manager of the syndicate said: "We've only been playing in a syndicate since February so we weren't expecting to win anything for a while so this is great.

He bought a ticket and a laptop from his winnings. Other members of the syndicate bought iPad, a new car, paid for a new porch, clothes, a deposit for a new home, for investment while others saved portions of their winnings.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Woman won $250,000 in scratch-off

A woman from Pawleys Island won $250,000 in a scratch-off lottery. The odds of winning $250,000 in a scratch off lottery are 1 in 576,000.

"I was in shock," said the winner. "I've been praying for this," she said.

With the prize money, her dream of fixing her home will now come true. She didn't waste any time in hiring for help to fix her home as soon as she received her prize money.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

California woman is the new Mega-Millionaire

New Mega millionaire, Cindy Huynh, won the $32 Million jackpot in the Mega Millions last May 29. The winning numbers were 2,14,29,53,55. She bought her ticket at Aquapuro who will get half of the 1 % of the winning prize for selling the winning ticket.

So far, she has no plans yet on her money.

"My mind is kind of blank," she told lottery officials. "I need to calm down first."

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

American Red Cross employee won the Powerball Lottery

John Robinson, an American Red Cross employee matched 5 numbers 3-7-21-28-43 and a Powerball of 2 in the May 16 draw. He usually buys two tickets - one quick pick and one ticket of family birthdays and anniversaries.

"$100,000 was all I really needed to get out of debt and have money in my pocket and get two new vehicles if I needed it," Robinson said. "So that's all I was hoping for, but I got more."

He will still go to work and lead a normal life.

"I'll be out of debt," he laughed. "We'll be able to retire sooner than what we had planned. And I've always wanted to take a cruise. Maybe I'll look into that."

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