Monday, April 2, 2012

Mega Millions Lottery Losers: When Life Gives You Lemons…

With the lottery craze kicking into overdrive last week, the winning tickets from Friday’s epic Mega Millions lottery draw were claimed in three locations: Maryland, Illinois and Kansas. This marks the most historic Mega Millions lotto draw ever, drawing in $1.5 Billion worth in lottery tickets sold and a phenomenal jackpot prize of $656 Million.
With the chaos surrounding the biggest lottery jackpot in American history, three lucky ticket holders kept a low, if not invisible profile as the winning numbers were announced and lotto officials confirmed of the winners in last Fridays’ Mega Million stellar jackpot draw. Losers, who are in the hundreds of millions, had more than buyer’s remorse to express Saturday about failing to hit the world’s largest lotto jackpot ever drawn, and missing the chance to live out their greatest dreams with wealth that cannot be spent in generations.

It seemed like a paparazzi frenzy on the convenience stores that sold the winning tickets, in Maryland and Illinois, while Kansas holding out on information about where and who had bought the winning ticket in their state. Each lucky ticket holder stands to gain an equally split amount of the grand prize, minus taxes.

On the streets however, people expressed their dismay and frustration for losing out on a once-in-a lifetime shot at winning more than half a billion dollars at this exciting yet tricky game of chance. 


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