Friday, April 20, 2012

March Mega Millions Historic Win affects World Lotto- Europe Amps it Up

March 31, 2012- The world watched as the $656 Million Mega Millions Grand prize was claimed by Maryland lottery officials as one of the winning tickets that struck the jackpot combination. Officials from the state confirmed that a winning ticket was bought off a lottery outlet in Baltimore County, although the winner has been kept confidential.

During the week of the impending draw, America was bitten by the lotto bug as the race to the number draw came closer for the Mega Millions super jackpot on the last Friday of March. The jackpot prize soon blew up to become the largest prize for lotto in the history of all lotto games, which was brought on by the last three draws failing to identify a winning card. Officials have mentioned that the odds of winning the legendary jackpot is astronomical- a one to 176 million ratio. The jackpot was initially set to $540 Million but had ballooned to $656 million on the actual draw, as ticket sales continued to increase.

Europe's Answer: No Taxes

European lottery groups have geared up with this recent development vowing to ride on the recent lotto buzz brought about by the Mega Millions historic jackpot win. With the Mega Millions jackpot prize, the winner can only claim the prize in a staggered installment which is something that European lottos have beat- offering prizes as single cash out lump sum without any tax deductions whatsoever!

Some of the biggest lottery prizes ever set on a weekly basis are from European lotto competitors which offer the chance to participate in the lottery game worldwide. For example, the famous Euro Millions which is comprised of nine participating countries has a bi-weekly draw which could balloon to one hundred ninety million euros.

Another European lottery game which is known for a big jackpot prize is the El Gordo Draw which is literally translated into “the big one”. For this annum the spokesperson for the El Gordo lottery group has stated that the lotto games has come up with plans to bill out a total prize of over €3 BILLION to an estimated 1, 202,490 lucky players, stemming from participating countries in Europe as well as it’s global subscribers. This amount will be distributed throughout the calendar draws. The El Gordo Draw is a popular pick among Europeans because of its high revenue index that reaches up to 70%. Most lottery wins will have a 40% to 50% return for a player who wins.


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