Monday, April 2, 2012

Illinois, Maryland, and Kansas Split the $656m Mega Millions Prize Pot!

The craziest and biggest jackpot in history of American lotto was won last Friday in the Mega Millions  draw with three states holding a winning ticket each. It was a great day for the winners from Kansas, Maryland and Illinois who will be splitting the six hundred and fifty six million dollar jackpot three-ways.

Buzz about the multi-million jackpot was at an all-time high since Wednesday of that week following the announcement of the stellar lotto draw amount which totaled at an estimate of $ 656 Million before taxes.

The Friday Mega Millions draw held the numbers 2,4,23,38,46 and Mega Ball number 23 as the winning combination. The big Friday jackpot was the result of consecutive draws that did not have a lucky winner, which happened within a two-month period. This Friday’s ultimate jackpot toppled the previous world record which amounted to three hundred ninety million that was drawn also, in a Mega Millions game last 2007.

The Lottery Commission at Maryland has reported that the winning ticket was purchased from a convenience store in Milford which is located in  Baltimore County. The winner from the state has exercised the right to anonymity. Maryland Lottery Director Steve Martino expressed his remark for the historic winnings. "We can't wait to greet the winner of this world-record setting jackpot.", In a statement made by Martino to the associated press.

According to lottery records, the winning ticket was purchased as a single entry, bought around 7:15 in the evening at the local Milford 7-11.

As for Illinois, the winning ticket was purchased at the Red Bud Motomart in Red Bud County, on a quick pick option. Authorities have yet to release details about the winning ticket from Kansas, but have since indicated that the jackpot card was purchased within the north eastern region of the state.

Aside from the triple jackpot winners, there were a record one hundred and sixty one (161) players who successfully matched the first five winning digits. These winners however failed at getting the right Mega Ball number. They will still receive an exciting $250,000 prize.


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