Saturday, April 21, 2012

EuroJackpot vs EuroMillions

As the next lotto draw approaches, all eyes will be on a worldwide lotto phenomenon the EuroJackpot series. The EuroJackpot was a joint effort of nine European countries to create a progressive competitor to the already popular Euro Millions lotto game. The current set up of the EuroJackpot game details a more systematized process and rules that promote an increase in winning chances versus the current Euro Millions draw. With all the new features that the EuroJackpot brings to the table, the question in everybody’s mind is still whether the new lotto system will have the star power and pull to eclipse the lotto giant which is Euro Millions.

By creating a comparison of the two lottery games, it is easy to conclude that the two games have different winning proportions altogether. The Euro Millions lotto game is played by selecting a basic box of numerical selections from a field that ranges from one to fifty-five and a magic number slot that consists of two boxes where players will have to select from one to eleven. Now the mechanics of the lotto draws may be the same when it comes to the number of selections for both Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot, but the EuroJackpot takes the spot by providing a smaller number window for the magic number selection, offering only a range of one to eight to choose from.

This may not seem much for the casual lotto player but according to mathematical calculations, the odds for winning at the Euro Millions and EuroJackpot cannot be as far apart from each other as it already is. The Euro Millions jackpot chance is reported at one to a hundred seventy seven million tickets which is a steep number if you compare it to the reported proportion for the EuroJackpot which is at one over fifty nine million. This considerable lead in the odds of winning is compensated by Euro Millions by the number of draws that is made available weekly.

The Euro Millions draw has two guaranteed jackpots in a week versus the single draw from EuroJackpot. The Euro Millions draw also has a higher starting grand prize of EUR15 million compared to EuroJackpot which starts at EUR10 million.

Euro Millions also has a reported higher ceiling limit compared to the rollover cap which is set for EuroJackpot (a rollover happens when there is no winning ticket for the week, carrying on the prize for the next weekly draw). At present, EuroJackpot has a cap of EUR 90 million compared to the EUR190 million limit for the Euro Millions jackpot.

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