Friday, March 9, 2012

Vietnam War Veterans Win Powerball Millions

In an unexpected twist of fate, two veterans of the Vietnam War became instant multi-millionaires after winning the Powerball Prize by using multiple lottery numbers that had the same winning combination. 

The twosome, both from West Virginia was introduced by Lottery Director John Musgrave as the state’s newest addition to its prestigious millionaire list at its Press Conference held at the West Virginia Lottery Headquarters. According to the statement made by the Lottery group, both veterans used the same winning combination all seven times, and matched five white balls consecutively missing the Powerball on each account.  

By choosing the PowerPlay option, the one million prizes for each of the tickets were automatically doubled giving them a whopping $14 million grand prize. The winners who have been friends all their life, said in their press statement that they plan to use a portion of their winnings to help fellow veterans and will be responsible when it comes to spending their wealth.


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