Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Topham and Carrington Gives £1.3M to “Bestest” Friend and Zero to Mother

The winning couple of the £45 million lottery, Matt Topham and Cassey Carrington, is reported giving their “bestest” friend Eddie Smith £1.3 Million of their winnings.

This soon to be wed couple have been long time friends with Eddie, a web development student. They decided to give him £1 million due to their long time friendship that spun for several years. The moment they found out Eddie will use the money to pay off mortgage debts and support his brother, they upped the amount to £1.3 million.

Sadly, Julie, mother to Matt, will not receive a single cent. They have been estranged from each other for 7 years since his parents' divorce. In fact, a week ago, Matt sent her a note that she is banned from his life forever, as reported in The Sun. 

Julie replies with her acceptance to his decision and denies having any interest in his money. All she wants is an explanation why he is rejecting her from his life.

Source:  thesun.co.uk


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