Wednesday, March 14, 2012

For Pocketing Group Winnings, Man Fined for Claiming Lottery Prize

New Jersey- in a shocking twist, retribution was bestowed to a group of construction workers when the jury ordered mega million lottery winner Americo Lopez to share his winnings with five of his former co-workers, whom he mutually bought the winning ticket with and hid the proceeds from.  Americo, together with Candido Silva Sr., Jose Sousa, Daniel Esteves, Carlos Fernandes, and Candido Silva Jr. were friends and co-workers in a construction firm and pooled their money for lottery tickets. In a statement that was issued, it was Americo who was tasked to buy the ticket for the group. In November of 2009 Americo found out that the ticket that they purchased had won the winning pot and secretly cashed the MegaMillions winning lotto, cashing in on a seventeen million dollar payout.



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