Friday, March 9, 2012

Can't Get Enough of TBS? Extended Play Now Available!

A lot of avid Lotto players normally concentrate on playing a single lotto draw in hopes of winning the Jackpot. Only a few players have tried to participate in simultaneous lottery draws, which is by far the easier and mathematically probable way of winning the lotto, as it increases your odds of getting a winning combination exponentially. 

The Billionaire Series is a great way of providing a means to lotto players to access several lotto draws from all over the world, giving players a shot at the fifteen billion dollar pot that is up for grabs. Membership to the lottery website is now more convenient with a three plus one packaged that allows you to participate in the worldwide lotto sweeps for up to four months.

 Your participating group will be playing for all the major lotto draws, increasing your odds with more combinations that are put in the raffle. Subscription to the Billionaire Series is cheap, costing a measly fifteen Euros to participate in all of the lotto raffles. 

A lot of lottery players have always been restricted with playing the sweepstakes solely on the country that they reside on. This gives them poor odds at winning, with no other lottery draw to rely on but a single lottery group that caters to millions of lottery hopefuls.

With the Billionaire Series you increase your chances eight-fold when it comes to the jackpot winnings and even more with consolation prizes that reach up to millions. There are eight different lottery group participants that provide some of the most extravagant lotto draw prizes reaching the hundreds of millions in Euro! The best part is you get an exclusive subscription which sets you above the rest, giving you a higher advantage of winning from lotto players who only bet in your country’s sweeps draw.

The subscription process is next to nothing, with an option to purchase four months of extended subscription with the fourth month counted as a free membership. This means that you only get to pay for the first three months and you get to play in eight high stakes lotto raffles for an additional month. This is a value that cannot be contended with.  So many players have had the chance to gain winnings off the Billionaire series with some lottery winners gaining multiple wins in a week thanks to the eight different sweeps that are held from different participating countries.


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