Monday, March 12, 2012

Brand New England Lottery Lucky for Life Prize of $1,000 Given Weekly

Rocky Hill, Conn. (WABC) – 6 New England states, namely Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont, joined together in launching a regional game called Lucky for Life.

Happening this Sunday, tickets will cost only $2 giving players a chance to win $1,000 daily, for their whole life.

This fresh new take on the regional game collaborated by all 6 states started in Connecticut. Its success of this state's draw and scratch game is attributed to its life time guaranteed payout that began in 2009. Its regional version could aptly replace the 40 year old New England lottery with the hopes of attracting more players, offering larger payouts and generating more income for the state coffers.

It is not easy putting together the different state laws and processing for lottery approval. In the past 9 months, these states have worked together in making the logo of the game down to its rules. 



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