Monday, February 6, 2012

Will the First Billionaire Come From the Powerball 2012 Lottery?

Around this time the news has spread about the revisions made on the American Powerball matrix. Multi-State Lottery Association states that these changes could generate up to 3 times more than the regular winners of Powerball!

There is a possibility that around 600 new millionaires will win every year with the improvements made on the game. That is equivalent to 10 new millionaires for every week. It's a lot more winners in the 20 year history of Powerball.
The American Powerball Jackpots will begin with prices of $40 million and every time it will roll over will increase to $10 million. In a few weeks, the average of the new jackpots expect to hit $255 million. Jackpots worth $500 million can be expected and the fantastic amount of $1 billion in jackpots can be foreseen by lottery organizers!

Will the new rules of Powerball Lottery create the first Billionaire? Everybody hopes so!

What are the changes in American Powerball?
      $40 million is the initial jackpot.
      From $200,000 the second prize is now $1,000,000
      The prizes of $3 increased to $4
      Powerball red ball numbers decreased from 39 to 35 which makes winning the game easier.
      The jackpot winning odds reduced from 195 million to 1 to just 175 million to 1.
      All in all, the winning odds decreased from 35 to 1 just to 31.8 to 1.

The shares of Powerplay were also decreased from 390 shares down to just 350 shares. These changes have increased all chances in winning the bigger share in the jackpot of Powerball.
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