Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Former Lottery Winner Still The Same -- and Claiming Disability Benefits

More than 6 years ago, Michael and Jean O'Shea won the £10.2million Euromillions jackpot and promised that they will ‘never be any different, no matter how much money we have.’ True to their word, they have not changed much. They still live in the same three-bedroom ex-council house, and Mr. O'Shea still collects his disability checks worth around £6,000 a year. However, there have been some gripes about his claiming benefits. Newark's Parliament representative Tory MP Patrick Mercer, said the Mr. O'Shea ‘does not need to be claiming this money, and the country can ill afford it when the economy is in the mess that it is’. TaxPayers’ Alliance spokesperson Matthew Elliott added: ‘It’s barmy that taxpayers are funding  benefits and motors for a multi-millionaire.’

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