Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Biggest Lottery Jackpot Wins of 2011

The year 2011 was an exceptionally good year for the lottery industry. It saw tens of thousands of people all over the world win lottery prizes - both massive and averagely-sized. The important thing is that year after year, the number of lottery winners keeps increasing. Possibly because  the lottery jackpots are getting bigger and bigger.

Euro Millions set a record for a massive EUR185 million jackpot in July (that’s USD 260,810,947 2012!) and the European lottery promises to create even more winners this coming year. Of course, another thing that lotto enthusiasts are looking forward to is the massive starting jackpot of American Powerball.  From  $20 million it has jumped to $40 million and promises to create thousands of massive multi-million cash prizes in 2012.

Here’s a recap of the most memorable 2011 lottery wins:

Brian McCarthy: His granny offers to make him a grilled-cheese sandwich following his $107 Mega Millions win in July.

Stephen Kirwan: Bad luck streak culminates to $122.1 million American Powerball win in January.

Dave Dawes: The Chelsea SC fan won a $157,564,537 Euro Millions jackpot in October.

Jim McCullar: Plans to pay it forward following his $190 Million Mega Millions win in January.

Todd Reardon & Darin Fox: Two chums play the lottery together and, now, retire together after winning $221.7 million in American Powerball in April.

 Tom & Kathleen Morris: The couple won a $228.9 million Powerball jackpot in August, making them the biggest-ever lottery winners in Minnesota.

Connecticut Powerball winners: Not too many people were happy that a group of three rich investment advisor's claimed a $254 million American Powerball jackpot in November.

Colin Weir: $260,810,947 Euro Millions win in July makes him the 430th richest person in the United Kingdom.

One lucky lottery player won the EUR 65,038,202.47 Italian SuperEnalotto rollover jackpot in September!

The town of Grañén in northern Spain, where €700m of prize money was handed out.
Home to just 2,000 people – the entire village (except one film maker) won up to €400,000 each after buying shares in December 2011 El Gordo Draw.


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