Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Iowa Legislators Happy With How Mystery Hot Lotto Jackpot Claim Was Handled

Iowa state legislators said they were pleased with how lottery officials handled the mystery "Hot Lotto" jackpot claim last week.

Sen. Tom Courtney, D-Burlington, expressed this sentiment after lottery officials walked members of the Legislature’s Oversight Committee through a 13-month saga.

A Hot Lotto ticket valued at up to $16.5 million matched the grand-prize numbers drawn on Dec. 29, 2010. The claim was submitted 2 hours before the deadline by a New York-based lawyer who said that he was representing an investment trust in Belize.

When asked to reveal the identity of the winners or forfeit the claim, the lawyer chose to withdraw their claim for the million dollar prize and kissed the winning ticket away.

Source: The Gazette.com

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Massachusetts to Add Multi-State Lottery in March

With the cancellation of the controversial Cash WinFall lottery game last Monday, plans are afoot for a new multi-state game in New England this March. Cash Winfall was cancelled due to loopholes in the game which paid out large sums when players wagered huge amounts at the right time.

The last Cash WinFall draw had a $2,253,177 jackpot, but there was no ticket matching all six numbers. The jackpot was divided between all the tickets winning lesser prizes. Winning tickets can be claimed up to one year after the draw date.

Source: LotteryPost.com

Thursday, January 26, 2012

NY Lawyer Withdraws Multimillion-dollar Iowa Lottery Jackpot

One day before the assigned deadline set by Iowa Lottery officials, the New Year lawyer representing a corporation in the country of Belize, has withdrawn his claim on the $10.3 Million Iowa Lottery jackpot prize.

Layer Crawford Shaw of a New York based firm withdraw his clients' claim on the prize after Iowa Lottery officials pressed him to reveal their identities and contact details.

Source: The Washington Post

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Lottery Fund To Boost 2013 Derry City Celebrations

The Big Lottery Fund has announced that will be giving more than £1 million for the 2013 celebration of Derry’s City of Culture year.

Big Lottery Fund’s UK Chair, Peter Ainsworth said the culture accolade promises to be a historic event for the city.

Source: Derry Journal.Com

Euro Millions Winner Will Buy New Carpet

A UK-based couple who won almost £41million on the Euro Millions lottery says a new landing carpet is on top of their shopping list.

The couple is still in disbelief after winning Friday's Euro Millions draw. Their winnings amount to £40,627,24, which is the seventh highest win in Britain and makes Gareth and Catherine Bull the 1,647th richest people in the country.

Source: Metro.Co.UK

Monday, January 23, 2012

Iowa Lottery Organizers Sets Deadline for Mystery Jackpot Winners

Iowa Lottery announced yesterday that will not pay out the multi-million dollar prize unless the New York attorney who turned in the winning ticket offers more information by Friday, January 27th.

Lottery are asking for the name and contact information of the actual person who bought the winning ticket at a Des Moines gas station in December 2010.

Source: Online.WSJ.Com

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gregory Man Wins Camaro From Instant Scratch Card

A South Dakota grandfather has won a new car from a scratch lottery ticket.

Dale Pastian won a Chevrolet Camaro in South Dakota Lottery’s Camaro Cash instant scratch game.

His first $5 ticket didn’t win him the car, but he won enough to buy a second ticket, which was the big winner.

Source: Argus.Leader.Com

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Iowa Lottery Officials, Lawyer Meet to Discuss Hot Lotto Winnings

Iowa lottery officials and the attorney representing the still anonymous winner of the $7.53 million Hot Lotto Jackpot won almost a year ago finally sat at the negotiating table today to start the process of verifying the lottery winnings.

Crawford Shaw of Bedford, N.Y., the trustee for Hexam Investments Trust, met personally with lottery officials for about one and a half hours,  a news release revealed.

Shaw is representing a trust that turned in the winning Hot Lotto ticket on Dec. 29, 2011 less than two hours before the one-year deadline.

Source: DesMoinesRegister.Com

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Instant Hit: Vermont Lottery's Self-Serve Machines

The 100 Vermont Lottery WinStations distributed all around the state are fast gaining popularity, reports said yesterday.

The self serve lottery stations are attracting a huge number of players, majority of them non-lottery enthusiasts hoping for a taste of an instant win.

The machine is simple and easy to use. It is also situated beside an ATM to  really entice the public to play again and again.

Profits of the WinStations go to the Vermont Education Fund.

Source: Lottery Post

Sunday, January 15, 2012

California Couple Wins $208M Mega Millions Jackpot in Long Island

The big winners of Mega Millions $208 million Jackpot on December 27 has come forward to collect their winnings.

Daniel Bruckner, a financial analyst at Silicon Valley, and his wife Christine, came to Long Island on Friday to claim their lottery winnings.

They had been in Long Island , New York over the holidays and bought the winning lottery ticket while shopping for food.

Source: Online.WSJ.Com

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flood Victim Wins $5 Million Lottery Jackpot!

An Australian family still recovering from the ravages of last year's flooding in Queensland claimed the division one prize of the OZ 7 Lotto, officials said.

Golden Casket officials said the $5 million dollar prize will certainly help this family get their back on their feet after the most devastating flood in recent history.

Source: News.Com.Au

Retiree Wins $11 Million California Superlotto

A female East Bay retiree has won the $11 million California Superlotto jackpot on Saturday, lottery officials said.

The winning ticket was purchased in Kavanagh Liquors at 500 Via Mercado, San Lorenzo and all the numbers were matched via Quick Pick.

The cash option for the $11 Million jackpot is estimated at $7.9 million.

The winning numbers were 35, 16, 2, 5, 31 and Mega 14.

Source: ThePatch.com

Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Georgia Ready for Video Lottery?

Georgia lawmakers are mulling over the possibility of introducing a state resolution for video lottery terminals in the state as early as this week, reports said.

State Representative Ron Stephens, who is the chairman of the State House Economic Development and Tourism Committee was quoted as saying that Congress and Senate are discussing the idea of bringing in video lottery terminals as a way to boost lottery revenue.

Unlike the traditional lottery where players buy tickets from gas stations and convenience stores, video lottery would be played at 3 pre determined locations across the state.

Source: PBA Online

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Officials Say Oklahoma Lottery Education Requirement Hinders Income

What happened to the Lottery funds? This is the question that Oklahoma constituents are asking after lottery income failed to meet the projections given to voters in 2005 - the year they voted to approve a state run Lottery.

Oklahoma lottery includes Powerball, MegaMillions, Hot Lotto and a number of scratch games - has provided about $70 million a year to education.

In May, their total contribution to education surpassed $400 million.  However, this doesn't appear to be enough.

Source: Tulsa Word

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Illinois Lottery To Go Online This Spring

You can start buying Mega Millions and soon American Powerball tickets online if you're a resident of Illinois.

This after the decision to allow cash strapped state-run lotteries to sell tickets online.

According to officials, Illinois lottery will be one of the first to go online this spring.  The move however, is still met with criticism. Online ticket sales would mean a serious decline in convenience store sales, an industry which has been around for as along as the lottery industry itself.

Source: WIFR.Com

The State of Delaware to Explore Online Lottery Ticket Sales

Besides the states of New York and Illinois, Delaware Lottery tickets could soon be bought online. That is if plans don't miscarry.

A recent ruling from the US Justice Department has cleared the way for states to begin selling tickets over the Internet. Delaware officials are one of the first few who are already exploring the logistics and legal subtleties of online sales.

 New York issued to be considering selling virtual lottery tickets online or through mobile devices, while Illinois will start selling Powerball and Mega Millions tickets online this year.

Source: DelawareOnline.com

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winning Tickets Drawn in Virginia Lottery Raffle

Virginia Lottery's New Year's Millionaire Raffle created three new millionaires.

Lottery officials say the winning tickets were sold at a C-Store in Stuarts Draft, a Food Lion in Clarksville and a 7-11 in Great Falls.

There were also six $25,000 winners.

Source: NBC12.Com