Monday, December 19, 2011

Kentucky Lottery Retailer Wins $200,000 from Duplicate Lottery Ticket

David Lee Franey, a lottery retailer who owns for Franey's Food Mart in Owensboro, Kentucky, won $200,000 from a winning lottery ticket which he didn't know he had. The ticket was a duplicate and the result of a misprint from a lottery player who wanted to play the same numbers on an old ticket.

The winning ticket was a duplicate from a misprint when a lottery player requested to play the same numbers on her losing ticket. The terminal has a feature where you enter the ticket, and the same numbers are printed on a new ticket. Seeing that it was taking too long, the store clerk manning the lottery terminal scanned the ticket twice resulting in two tickets being printed. Instead of filing the paperwork for the misprint, Franey had standing instructions to tape the duplicate ticket on the side of the lottery terminal.

The Kentucky Lottery noticed that the two winning tickets were bought at the same store initiated a procedural investigation to find out the circumstances of such a large win. The store clerk didn't know that there was a winning ticket, and only pointed out the ticket taped to the lottery terminal.

The other winning ticket has not been claimed.

The Kentucky Lottery has no regulations against a lottery retailer from buying or winning lottery tickets.



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