Sunday, December 4, 2011

UK Millionaire Raffle: 25 New Millionaires on December 23rd!

From November 25th to December 23rd, Grab the chance to become one of the 50 lucky winners of the UK Millionaire Raffle!

In the next 30 days, 50 fortunate individuals will be made millionaires thanks to EuroMillons' UK Millionaire Raffle!

The much-awaited celebration of the Millionaires Month will officially start on the 25th of November. On this occasion, 18 winners of GBP1,000,000  each will be drawn, instead of just one!

The next four draws on the Fridays following November 25th will result in one raffle winner per day. However, the most exciting event will be held nearly a month later, on December 23, where 25 individuals will become instant millionaires!

By the end of the month-long celebration, 50 instant winners of GBP1,000,000  each would have been named! But the competition does not simply end there; the same 50 winners will become eligible to win the Euro Millions Jackpot prize!

How To Maximize The Opportunity To Win Millions...

A separate raffle, the add-on Millionaire Raffle, is also every week prior to the main raffle draw, which is the Euro Millions raffle. There is a new winner drawn every week for the add-on Millionaire raffle who is guaranteed to win a total of GBP1 Million , as well.

Unfortunately, only tickets that are purchased in the UK count as valid entries to the Euro Millions Raffle draw. These entries may be a bit more expensive compared to those sold in other countries or regions, but it is worth the price because each ticket ensures an extra raffle number matched specifically to that particular entry only.

The UK Millionaire Raffle

One of EuroMillons' most anticipated and sought-after raffle draws is the UK Millionaire raffle. The UK Millionaire Raffle guarantees several winners of a million pounds for each of its draw, which are conducted on a weekly basis.  Hopefuls may even place their bets early in order to get a better chance at winning. Winners of the UK Millionaire Raffle are drawn every Tuesday and Friday.
Qualifications for Bettors of the UK Millionaire Raffle

When you purchase a EuroMillions Raffle ticket, your advanced bets are automatically placed so that if you are not chosen for the other contests, you will automatically become eligible to enter and take part in the UK Millionaire Raffle, exclusive only to those who reside in the UK.  This promo was based on the premise that a lot of the residents of the UK are looking forward to higher chances of winning, as well as a higher amount that could be won.

Your Chances of Winning

As with any raffle draw, sevreal experts and officials have come up with the necessary data to predict the probability of winning the UK Millionaires draw. It was revealed that on the draws done every Tuesday, a participant has a one in approcimately 3.5 million chance of winning the raffle. As for the Friday raffle draw, the sales skyrocket, so the ratios rise in proportion to it, leaving participants with a one in 9.2 million chance of winning the raffle draw.

The Raffle Draw

The raffle draw is televised exclusively on a portion of the Friday night BBC show in the UK and as a segment on the exsisting EuroMillions draw. You may also access the draw on 10:30 in the evening every Tuesday via a link on the EuroMillions' website.

The raffle draw itself is conducted with the use of an Automated Draw Machine (or simply called an ADM) in order to ensure that all of the winning entries that are drawn are valid. This special machine has been used in the UK in previous years, even on the premium ERNIE bonds. , What occurs in these systems is that all of the raffle entries will be gathered and placed into the hat. Then, tickets will be drawn at random and winners will be declared.

These special systems have been used in conjunction with the Camelot system. With the aid of the Camelot system every single one of the raffle entries are assigned unique numbers to coordinate the one bought by the ticket's owner. . In this manner, all of the raffle entries stand a fair and equal chance of winning  the raffle draws.

Contestants of the raffle draw may also rest assured that these systems are functionuing well and not prone to any malfunctions. These Automated Draw Machines have all undergone proper testing before being put to use. These systems have also received due verification from the National Lottery, as well as the University of Hertfordshire's Department of Statistical Analysis.


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