Tuesday, December 27, 2011

$125M Powerball Winner Still to Come Out

As the seller of the winning ticket, the family owned Wesley's Restaurant and Lounge in Elkton, MD stands to earn $25,000. But the bigger excitement is the mystery behind the winning ticket holder. "I hope it is someone we know personally so that we can share the health and wealth with him and everything else," said John Wesley.

The Powerball draw of Dec. 24 was worth $125 million to the winner, but so far he has not come out publicly to claim the prize. He did call the lounge to confirm the winning numbers but didn't leave any name or contact data. Although the sale was caught by a surveillance camera, the video footage was grainy and not enough to show a recognizable face. But still, the Wesleys have a good idea of who the winner might be.

From abc2news.com


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