Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What are the Biggest Lotteries?

Lottery has become a large part of our lives these days. So many people wish that someday they can win millions through an unbelievable stroke of luck with those numbers they have placed their bets on. Despite the odds and regardless of the fact that lottery is still largely a game of chance, you will still find a lot of people placing their faith on tickets and what could be the outcome of a draw.

There are many different types of lottery draws that truly generate a lot of players. It’s good to know what they are and what makes them such a desirable game venture.

El Gordo

Among the much anticipated lottery events is known as the El Gordo. In English, the name actually translates to “the FAT ONE.” This Spanish lottery is held every Christmas season, every year. It is also dubbed as the year’s biggest lottery event. It is also known as one of the oldest lotteries in the world because it has been in existence every since 1812. The lottery is dubbed as the biggest event for nothing—in 2005 is has given out a grand prize totaling to 3 million euros and its latest pot money amounted to a staggering two billion euros!

The draw for El Gordo is being held every December 22 of the current year. If you are currently in Spain at the time of the El Gordo, you simply go to a nearby “Loteria Nacional” so you can buy your ticket. The nice thing about the El Gordo is that it actually breaks up the expensive ticket into 10 smaller ones which can give you more chances of winning. There’s no requirement for you to buy a whole ticket but if you don’t and your ticket get’s drawn, you might have to share your winnings with a complete stranger. This is why El Gordo is best played with friends so you can divide amongst yourselves.


This transnational lottery was launched by the Fran├žaise des Jeux in February 7, 2004 within France. During this time, only a few European countries that got to join the said lottery event until the EuroMillions proved how popular it was and eventually welcomed in other countries such as Switzerland and Portugal, to name a few.

Among the crowd pleasing strategy of EuroMillions is the pot prize which is guaranteed to be tax free except for players who are from Switzerland. On top of this, you can also get your prize money as a lump sum so you can just imagine how overwhelmingly real it would feel to finally get your hands on that big amount.
Only players aged 18 years old and up may be qualified for the EuroMillions lottery and they should also taking up residence in these participating countries—Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. There are a couple of ways for you to play EuroMillions. First off, you need to select five main numbers within 1-50 and you also select two difference numbers known as the “lucky star” within 11 predetermined numbers.

The draws are announced by the EuroMillions authorities and would depend on whether there was or there wasn’t anyone who has won the jackpot prize yet. The jackpot prize would keep on being carried over until such time that a winner can be proclaimed.

Japan Jumbo Draw

In Asia, among the biggest and highly anticipated lottery events is the Japan Jumbo Draw. Lottery in Japan goes a long way back, originating in the 1600s but it was banned by 1842. However, the Japanese truly had a heart for gambling and so lotteries were revived in 1945. The Japan Jumbo draw is also known as Takara-kuji lotteries which mean “fortune.” More than just a way to revive old games, the Japan Jumbo Draw was also reinstalled to help revive the country’s economy during the years of the World War.

The total cash payout for the Japan Jumbo Draw now yields around 1.4 billion US dollars. The odds of winning are pegged at 1 out of 9. With this amount of winnings, the Japan Jumbo Draw is indeed the biggest and richest lottery event in Asia.

However, there is a certain level of exclusivity to joining the Japan Jumbo Draw since the tickets are sold exclusively through the Mizuho Bank. Even the selling dates are only for a limited time. the draws are being held during March, June, August, October, and December with the cash prizes increasing in each of these months.


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