Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Playing Online Lotteries: Yes or No?

Playing lotteries online has become the norm for some people who are so much into this type of game. There has been a lot of benefits attributed with it. But if truth be told, is this something that you should really consider or not? While there has been a lot of debate about it, in the end it’s really up to the player to consider whether he would want to take his chances online or not. It would probably help to see the pros and cons of playing this game online and then you might be able to decide for yourself whether it is for you or not.

Pros of Playing the Lottery Online

Most people who prefer to play the lottery online do so because it saves them the effort of long queues. This is especially true for lottery stakes that have big cash prices like the Powerball. At least if the tickets run out online you would easily know it to be so. You would not have to waste your time and effort lining up for something that would be sold out as you are waiting for your turn to buy.

In addition to this, some websites online offer ticket discounts. This may not be a regular thing but if you are a member of a particular lottery ticketing site, you might be able to enjoy a few perks after a while and among this is a discount in ticket sales. If you are even luckier, you might get some free or complimentary tickets to join a specific lottery pot prize. 

Lotto pools online also allow you better chances of tracking your tickets and the games which you joined. They use an integrated system where you can easily review when the draw dates will happen and what the current draw results are for ongoing lotteries. This is something that can get pretty hard to track if you are involved with more than one lottery pool. 

Cons of Playing the Lottery Online

While there may be good sides to lotteries online, there are also some downsides to be observed. Perhaps the biggest of them all is getting scammed by online ticket shops. Unfortunately, there have been incidences wherein the lotto players ended paying up for tickets which are not legitimate after all. What’s even worse is that the website itself is but a scam for people who are into gambling and joining the lottery.

Another downside of course is that you always have to have internet connection to. You need to be aware of the critical draw dates and find time to stay online. If you have a busy lifestyle that does not necessarily involve being online as often, you might need to actually schedule a time when you use the internet so that you can check out your lottery statistics.

Then of course, there is also the issue of making payments. When you buy your lottery tickets from a traditional lottery outlet, you can pay in cash. But when you buy your lottery tickets online, you have to pay through online means as well. This would often mean paying through your credit card or having an account in some online payment facility like Xoom or Paypal, to name a few.

To Play or Not to Play Online

As mentioned, the decision to play online is entirely up to you. The important thing here is that you are aware of the pros and cons that you can encounter when it comes to playing through online lotteries. It also helps to do your research about the lottery pools you would encounter online. These days, it’s pretty easy to know which ones are just scammers and which ones are legitimate. You can check out websites dedicated to uncovering these scams and you can also find reviews about a particular site.

It also helps to have someone you know refer to you an online site for playing lottery. This way you can be sure that it is legitimate. The state government also offers legitimate websites where you can play the online lottery so you might just want to stick with that. Also, do your research by joining forums and reading up the latest news on state lotteries. Information is literally at your fingertips when you play online so you should really use the internet to your advantage.

Finally, do not forget to ask about how payouts are going to be given. When you play online, what would be your guarantee should your ticket get paid? Most of all, make sure you area already within the legal age before you join the online lottery.


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